Woolly Bits at Millrose

Doing Tuesday’s post reminded me that I’d totally forgotten to tell you about our last Woolly Bits Class in November, which was actually a whole weekend – as you do! Needless to say we had a fabulous time. So, if you don’t mind a bit of time travel back to last November, and a loooong post (I would have done this as a two parter at the time) with lots of pics……..here we go…….

GJ and I set off early on the Friday morning to get a good start on the sewing, and claim “our room” at Millrose.

But we weren’t the first to arrive; Katrina was already there and had this little creature well under way

20160121-115854.jpgwhich became a sweet cushion for Katrina’s niece.

20160121-120036.jpgI was a woman on a mission and soon had out my fabrics and the instructions I’d written up for a little bit of p-and-c-secret-sewing

20160121-120631.jpga bit of block testing

20160121-120654.jpgthen over the weekend, piles of multiple blocks zipped out of my sewing machine

20160121-121140.jpgBy weekend’s end I had 51 blocks made! Pretty pleased with that effort.

Katrina also worked on her “Guinevere” quilt, sewing down the Dresdens

20160121-121759.jpgand putting the borders on.

20160121-121834.jpgLynne sorted her supplies,

20160121-122035.jpgcut out the bag bits

20160121-122114.jpgcut out squares,

20160121-122145.jpgsewed the squares together, and started on the Woolly Bits appliqué

20160121-122233.jpgJacinta and GJ bought the last two of these panels, GJ deciding to hand quilt hers.

20160121-122324.jpgThey were both using the same coloured thread

20160121-122359.jpgand over the weekend Jacinta machine quilted most of the panel

20160121-122441.jpgIt’s so sweet, isn’t it?


20160121-122554.jpgJacinta also chose fabrics

20160121-122623.jpgcut them out

20160121-122736.jpgand stitched them together

20160121-122804.jpgand this was the start of the sweet pin cushion that I showed you on Tuesday.

Jacinta also whipped up about a dozen of these ready for all the family arriving for Christmas

Jan was making these gorgeous “berries”

20160121-123111.jpgand showed some of the others how to make a blackberry

20160121-123142.jpgand Jan was doing some intricate embroidery stitches as well.

Joy was hand quilting her latest Woolly Bits quilt.

20160121-123423.jpgApologies to the owners of the next few items – I can’t remember who they belong to!

These sweet hexagons

20160121-123711.jpgthis gorgeous work roll

20160121-123743.jpgwhich opens out…

20160121-123805.jpg…and out!

20160121-123834.jpgand loads of these diamonds were cut too.

20160121-123907.jpgAnd of course there was food…….but I was too busy eating and talking to take lots of pics so you’ll just have to make do with these!

20160121-124111.jpgIt was a great weekend, and I loved that panel so much I ended up tracking it down and ordering one for myself…….

20160121-124213.jpgYes, yes, another quilt to make – going to test my machine quilting lack of skills……..again.  At least after the clean up I know where it is!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Woolly Bits at Millrose

  1. Quilter501 says:

    Wow…..an awesome retreat doing what we all love most….stitching, checking out each other’s projects, eating, eating……It is so seldom that we have retreats or even get togethers around here. The weather is just too unpredictable and distances to drive are fairly large. . I envy your opportunties for that and thank you for sharing them with those of us who are DEPRIVED!!!!!! I can’t wait to see your secret new project. The colors, fabrics are DIVINE!

  2. Jenny M says:

    Retreats are wonderful for non-stop sewing time. Love the little creature!

  3. Wow, a whole weekend of sewing! What bliss. What a talented group of ladies! Jenny xxx

  4. Judy says:

    Serious envy here for the sweet hexies, are they Liberty prints? Going to search for some of that funky gold/green that she used for the centers. Wonderful photos, beautiful work. Sounds like a great weekend.

  5. Wonderful, fabulous, amazing …… you all get through so much work, even with breaks for delicious food!!!!

  6. Seems a million years ago…! The Liberty hexies were (of course) Sue’s and the needle roll was mine, very pleased with it I was too 🙂
    Thanks also for encouraging me to not give up on A House in the Country, it’s nice to be back…xx
    ps. looking forward to Woolly Bits this year…

  7. Chookyblue says:

    retreats are so much fun and so inspiring………..

  8. What an orgy of stitchery – it must have been a wildly productive weekend!

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