2016 word

No doubt you’ve seen posts in blogland of late where bloggers, rather than making a New Year’s resolution have instead chosen a word to guide them through the year. As we’re almost half way through January (already??) either I’m late to the party or I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time………you decide!

Initially I’d thought I’d choose an esoteric word like “create” or something more practical like “sew”, but I do already create and I do already sew.

Then I started thinking about my sewing room clear up, the projects I re-discovered, the fabric I found that I’d forgotten about then more broadly about how uncomfortable my clothes are at the moment (due to slacking off on the exercise front and comfort eating – all understandable given the events of last year) and realised there was a word that I really need to employ for a minimum of a year and that word is:


Body wise, I have started walking again, almost regularly, and I’m making an effort to eat better…….just hoping the result aren’t too slow in showing themselves!

But sewing wise……….

So many projects are so close to finished. Why do I do this? I go full pelt, all keen and enthusiastic, then get distracted by something else and start the process again. I have to stop this dragonfly mentality – swoop in, hover, flit off – and get some things finished!

Case(s) in point:: I have a jelly roll from one of my favourite designers “Flow” by Zen Chic

20160113-081046.jpg and an idea for using it burst into my head last week. Mulling it over on the way home from Ma Kettle’s at the weekend I figured out the final details, arrived home, unloaded the car, jumped back in the car and drove to Sewn and Quilted to get some plains to go with it

20160113-081611.jpgNow I’m itching to start!!

And while I was there, I finally gave in, resistance all gone, and picked up some Tilda ‘cos I love the Log Cabin quilt that’s been hanging in the shop for a couple of months. I’m blaming Marg (the maker who works at the shop) for this one!


Then there’s things like Audrey’s Quilty365, which I’m really enjoying, but a trifle obsessed with, and now the gorgeous Cecile is aiming to pull me in with another quilt along…….

The trouble is I have too many ideas in my head and I can’t sew quickly enough.

So (sew?) I need to discipline myself and try (try being the operative word!) to finish some things this year, work on something through to completion, get a top to quilting stage before starting something new. Stop laughing you lot! I said I’d “try”!!

But don’t expect to see any results in the immediate future, ‘cos in this household, ‘ere at p and c, January is holiday time and I’m relaxing, pootling about, and maybe even devising some new quilts (just on paper mind), and sewing circles…….

Have you decided on a word to try and live by for 2016?

Lots of love
Meredithe x

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22 Responses to 2016 word

  1. Sharen McCrabb says:

    Hmmm, have you been spying on me? I have finally tidied up my craft room after moving,Christmas,visitors etc and the same thought crossed my mind yesterday. I need to PLAN and finally finish all those projects that I started. So I will join you Meredithe and choose Discipline as my word this year. I may need more than one word.

  2. Helen F says:

    Nah – I think your word “Discipline” sums it up!! Being sick for the 2 weeks over xmas I have lost 4kgs – which I have been trying to lose for ages!! – Can’t stomach any “SWEET” stuff – even CHOCOLATE!! So I think the word Discipline is appropriate to stay on track!! And of course de-clutter the sewing room and FINISH some quilts!! I can name a few of yours I would like to see finished M !!

  3. Carole Minihan says:

    Love your word, good luck with it. Love the Tilda site, god I want it all

  4. Judy says:

    My word is “finish” and I really do mean well but I just cut for 18 more circle blocks, now prepping them. They are just too tempting and make for great evening stitching. By the way, love your new fabric for the log cabin quilt. Maybe a photo next time you are there??

  5. pamstahl says:

    I can totally relate! I’ve chosen the word Finish and set a goal of finishing one project per month this year. I have so many things started and many are very close to the finish line if I just apply myself. These projects include a variety of fibery endeavors so I need not even be bored! I’m writing down my finishes so that I am sure to give myself credit for them. I’m not giving up “starts”, but trying to become a regular finisher, too. Best wishes!

  6. Kelly Callaghan says:

    Ah Meredithe I know the feeling.
    Last year I put the names of some quilts I wanted to finish up on the wall – one coloured square for each quilt. I committed to my friends that I wouldn’t start any new quilts until I had finished those 7. This meant that the commitment was ‘in my face’ and when I finished something it was a great thrill to take the paper off the wall. Unfortunately I wasn’t as disciplined as I’d hoped because I started (and finished) 4 cot quilts for colleagues and a large quilt for a non-quilter friend’s 60th birthday. I have to hand sew the binding on that one, although I did give her the top for her birthday. I also have three of the original 7 to complete. So I have to focus over the next 6 weeks as I have committed to my other quilting group to start a new quilt at the end of February. Really, work just gets in the way!!!

    By the way I am loving your circles but can’t start anything new at the moment (although I did float it with my quilting friends). I am sooooooo easily tempted.
    keep stitching, Kelly

  7. Kyle says:

    Discipline is a good word. Sometimes I’m better at it than other times. I didn’t pick a personal word or make any resolutions. Maybe I should, oh, well. I love your “new” fabric acquisition and the mental picture of a dragonfly’s mentality. Enjoy! How’s that for a word?

  8. brandie says:

    Lovely fabric! I really look forward to your posts either here or on Instagram. You are inspiring!
    Someday I may even try hand piecing blocks, it’s on my bucket list.
    This year I decided on the word “Bravery”. I’m hoping to apply this to my quilting and creativity and in everyday life.
    Good luck with all your plans this year!

  9. BJ says:

    I so-o-o thought about “discipline” but was a tad fidgety that some would think of the punishment interpretation, not the positive reinforcement angle, so I’ve chosen “focus” instead. With over 80 UFOs and a constant itch to start new things, I needed to really practice self-restraint in Q4 ’15 to get ready for 2016. I have made cards for 20 years in addition to quilting for that long and just can’t split my time any more. Quilting gives me the most pleasure, so I gifted most paper crafting supplies to the grandkids’ elementary school and the rest to family & crafty friends. Now I can FOCUS on organizing my quilting supplies into the former paper craft storage cabinets and devote more time to sewing. I’m focusing on documenting the UFOs and sorting them for completion or donation. I’m also trying to focus on taming my scraps and finding appropriate scrap-buster patterns (thanks all you scrap lovers out there!). And, on the personal side, I, too, am trying to focus on achieving true health as I speed towards retirement. Lofty goals, but I’m taking it one project or step or meal at a time. Thanks for such a fun blog!

  10. Ann says:

    Oh Meredithe how I love both of your new projects. I can’t wait to see them develop . I’ve been sitting here thinking what word I will choose and I think , “persist” sums up my year ahead. Happy stitching. X

  11. Pip says:

    Where would we be without discipline, I have chosen my word but have yet to write a blog post about it (no discipline), and as you mentioned January is holiday time so I’m on slow time 🙂

  12. thimbleanna says:

    Well, Ms. P & C, I have just three words for you: The. Aunts’. Quilt.


    Good Luck with your word. Happy Happy New and Productive Year!!!

  13. Carrolyn Vidal says:

    Nice blog! Good idea……but my word is INDULGE Sent from my iPad


  14. Béatrice says:

    Discipline could be my word for the year too…with many others ! I hope you will join us in our quiltalong, can’t wait to see your beautiful work.

  15. Cécile says:

    Hey M !! I would think about “organisation” but in my mind, there is not so much differences beetween both words…. To help you (and others ! Everyone is welcome !!!) I have made one block in 30 minutes ! By hand of course…
    I wish you a lovely day with your lovely quilters !

  16. I’m still laughing at Anna’s comment …… getting the final border on my Aunts’ Quilt is near the top of the to-do list! But while I would like to get things finished, I am not putting pressure on myself with deadlines. I am employing my “small bites” method ……… working on each of several projects for maybe an hour each on Tuesdays, my main sewing day. It is just so much more enjoyable than working on and on, trying to finish something, and getting sick of the sight of it!! So maybe I’ll adopt “small bites” for this year!!
    Enjoy your holiday season, while we continue to freeze!!

  17. Suzanne says:

    That is a good word, discipline. I haven’t a word chosen, or made resolutions, but have decided I must finish a project ( any in the WIP) before I begin a new one. To use up some stash before I let myself buy more fabric. ( try) Another goal is to keep my things organized. As you posted you found fabric you completely forgot about. I try to keep my stash easily accessible. Scraps have become unmanageable too, so I have been trying those up as well.
    Best wishes for a better 2016.

  18. Linda Dutch says:

    Great word for the year… and I love your fabrics for the Log cabin! And a word for me? Well, I had tossed around “onethingatatime” but rejected it ‘cos I’d be bored to tears!

  19. Karen says:

    I like your word ‘discipline’ however I have chosen ‘focus’. I work long days and try to sew at night and like everyone else I have a UFO list I wish to shorten. However I too am smitten with the circle a day project which I am enjoying and I find it is a good way to use some scraps. Like everyone I too get distracted by the wonderful new projects from the quilt designers and I know I will find it hard to be disciplined and not get distracted. If I can ‘focus’ on progress throughout 2016 I shall be happy. ps: those Tilda fabrics are very tempting

  20. Debbie says:

    Ahhhh!!!! 2 new dirty words to try to live by – The “D” word “Discipline” and the “F” word “Finish”. Both of them should apply to me too but as with all of my other New year’s Resolutions they will probably last until the end of January and no longer. I also have the “N” word “NO”, as in No to more fabric and pattern and book purchases, No to more projects I cannot possibly complete and No to any more distractions that stop me Finishing and being Disciplined, which lasted until January 13 when I started Cross Stitching again for the first time in15 years! For that I thank @cardygirl for leading me astray! Best of luck with your new words to live by!!!

  21. Debbie says:

    Oh I forgot!!! Saying “No” to new books lasted until 7/1/2016 before I bought Brigitte Giblin’s new book “Feathering the Nest 2”. See the “D” word is not working for me neither!

  22. Sue Whitburn says:

    Love the fabrics you have chosen. Discipline is such a strong word & personally don’t think creativity & discipline go together!! – how could they?!! New projects are so enticing – maybe if you wrote down your new ideas and inspirations you could let them go for a while? Good luck, but don’t change too much, we love you just the way you are! 😘

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