In Ma Kettle’s garden

We’ve just enjoyed three lovely weeks of Ma Kettle visiting us. It’s been delightful having her company; we don’t seem to have done much, but we seem to have been busy. Weird how that happens.

I took Ma home on Friday, settled her back into her home, did food shopping to make sure she won’t starve(!) and reluctantly made my way home again on Saturday. Before I left I did a tour of her garden. Ma was able to stay with us for so long because her wonderful friends drew up a roster for watering; it’s already been a hot Summer with very little in the way of wet stuff from the sky. It’s terribly dry up there already, looking more like the end of March than the beginning of January. I was amazed at how hard it is on the eyes, not realising that until I was back in suburbia looking at our beautiful, lush green trees in our streets, so refreshing and cool to look at.

Anyway, Ma’s garden……

This pretty geranium is doing well in a pot

20160109-162029.jpgThe lemon tree has new fruit

20160109-162113.jpgthe impatients is still blooming

20160109-162153.jpgI think this is a cyclamen

20160109-162246.jpgand coleus in pinky green

20160109-162326.jpgand greeny pink

20160109-162356.jpgnot sure what this tree is, but it looks very healthy

20160109-162504.jpgthis little camellia has some buds coming on

20160109-162541.jpgthe grevillea is in bloom

20160109-162615.jpgas is this

20160109-162639.jpgand the begonia

20160109-162708.jpgI did an “Anne” and took an arty shot of this dried head

20160109-162847.jpgBefore Christmas one of Ma’s girlfriends gave her this poinsettia

20160109-162949.jpgand we found this “welcome home” gift from another of Ma’s girlfriends (one of the waterers!) in the patio

20160109-163057.jpgIsn’t that lovely?

This final pic is more for the macramé hanger than the maiden hair fern.

I think Nanna made it and Ma thinks I made it. Either way it was macramé-ed a loooong time ago; still looking good though.

Meredithe x

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12 Responses to In Ma Kettle’s garden

  1. Carole Minihan says:

    The tree is a ficus you see them in shopping centres trimmed in a ball shape. Love her coleus lovely colours

  2. Annie Andrews says:

    Oh love the macrame, what a craze we went through, before I found patchwork.

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Such a blessing that you had the visit and that her friends took good care of her plantings. Beautiful!!!!

  4. Helen F says:

    What a great bunch of friends Ma has – to look after her garden like that!! It is really looking pretty considering how hot it is up there!! ha ha I have an old macramé hanger in my patio!! – luuv “Annes” arty shot!!

  5. Mary says:

    I love it when you tell us it’s hot there as I know eventually we’ll get hot temps again, I’d even settle for warm right now. Will Ma Kettle keep watering the poinsettia and/or put it in the gound? Around here some people put them in the ground and they really flourish so they have a huge poinsettia bush. I’ve tried it on my patio but if they get too dried out, they die. I’ve kept them in a growing green plant stage for several months. I think the ones in the ground fare better.

  6. Cécile says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful flowers and congrats to Ma Kettle !

  7. Judy says:

    Ma surely has some terrific friends. Love all the garden shots, can’t wait for Spring in Northern California. Snow last evening.

  8. Yes, greenery does make for a soothing sight for the eyes. The “sunburned country” isn’t for everyone…

  9. Oh, that has cheered me up ……. our garden is just a sodden mess after all the rain we have had!!

  10. Pip says:

    Its lovely for your Ma to have neighbours who will step in and water if she goes away for a bit, this time of the year can be really hard on gardens. The “this” is a hebe.

  11. Kyle says:

    What lovely color in your mom’s garden. It’s nice that You were able to spend some time together while your mom’s friends looked after things at home.

  12. This is a beautiful with lots of colors. Its great if your Ma have neighbors like them. Please keep posting this type of article it feels good to read such type of refreshing posts.

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