New year = new project

Do you agree with my philosophy? New year = new project? I’ve been thinking about this one for quite a while, in fact ever since Audrey posted about her Quilty 365 Journey which involves making a circle block a day for a year. I wanted to join in straight away, but it was all a bit too hard at the end of the year. Now Christmas is over and it’s much more relaxed; what better time to start than 1st January.

I had discussed this idea with GJ not long after I’d seen Audrey’s post, so we brainstormed one December afternoon and between us we hatched a plan!

See these bundles?

20160101-160849.jpgThey are luscious packs of plains bought from Treehouse Textiles

20160101-161050.jpgHmmm, I just love colour! These are to be our backgrounds and we’ve decided to use our huge piles not so meagre accumulations of Liberty and feed sack fabrics for the circles.

20160101-161345.jpgAnd being the delightful friend she is, GJ cut double her Liberty when she started her prep a couple of weeks ago, so I have some pre-cut circles already. They’re going to look gorgeous, aren’t they?

20160101-161540.jpgThe plains are a little over 9″ wide, so we decided to cut 9″ squares

20160101-161630.jpgand cross cut them into 4.5″ squares

20160101-161717.jpgSo that’s what I did this morning and I now have a delicious pile of 4.5″ squares

20160101-161810.jpgand as it’s day 1, it’s time to get started on the first block

20160101-161911.jpg(I found all sorts of things in my clean up; the Liberty needle case is most appropriate and the orange buddy case matches beautifully; accoutrements all set!)

A little appliqué later……..First block done!

20160101-162101.jpgI’m now going to prep some more blocks, ready for each day’s appliqué. Nice, easy, no-think sewing.

Thanks Audrey, this will be fun! Anyone else joining in?

Meredithe x

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35 Responses to New year = new project

  1. Annie Gunn says:

    Meredithe, what a great idea. What size circles are you using? Can i send you some snippets of my Liberty stash for your project? It goes back 30 years so I have a few old faithfuls. You have entertained me for at least a year with your blogging, so i would love to contribute.

    Happy New Year, kind regards, Annie

  2. Chris says:

    Love your blog and love your projects. Your new one is great but I am worried about the Liberty fabrics. I included a lot of Liberty in one of my first quilts and most of them have perished. I hope it doesn’t happen with yours.
    Regards Chris

  3. Happy New Year and I like your logic. I think the key to success here is preparation and I can see you have it all in hand. It is going to be gorgeous.

  4. Jo le Cheminant says:

    There is so much lovely colour!

  5. Karen Reid says:

    I too saw this late last year and like you have chosen to start today, New Year’s Day. Your prep is amazing, I have a small amount sorted

  6. Karen Reid says:

    I also saw the circle project late last hear and decided to start today. It will be fun

  7. It’s going to be chalk full of lovely color 🙂

  8. Maree says:

    Great Idea Meredithe I love Circles not sure if I can keep up but I’d like too join in too…
    I don’t have many plains for backgrounds might have too go Shopping!! Lol

  9. No, no, no, get thee behind me Miss M, tempting me to start another new project!!!!! My excuse is that I don’t have many plains, and I am trying to use up, my stash, so buying more fabric for a new project would be naughty!! Having said that, I do have lots of Liberty ……

  10. Mary Carmen says:

    Me encanta como te está quedando!!!

  11. Juliann says:

    I am joining in today too! I love circles!

  12. Judy says:

    Should one individual own that much Liberty?? I started the circle blocks a few weeks ago using my 30’s stash, really fun stitching. So much fun that I finished 12 blocks in one afternoon/evening. Love your solid backgrounds and will be anxious to see a few of yours the together. Dang, now I want to start one with Liberty!

  13. audrey says:

    Oh my, these are going to be absolutely gorgeous! What a fun way to approach these!

  14. Pat in WNY says:

    Love those gorgeous fabrics! Welcome to our quilty circle of friends.

  15. Hilda says:

    This is going to be such a cheerful beautiful quilt – will brighten your day stitching each one! I started this project ‘last’ year in indigos but there has been a sad lack of progress in December – must get back to it 🙂

  16. Angela says:

    I’m starting today as well. What a fun new project!

  17. tubakk says:

    A good start. I’ve started today, too. We can follow each other then.

  18. Amanda Blyth says:

    Sounds devine, Id like to join in too! I will take the plunge, but I will need to get organised. I need a Liberty project and this one is just gorgeous. Love the simplicity. Thank you for the inspiration Meredithe xx

  19. Jan says:

    Gorgeous. What a great idea. And Liv the matching needle case and orange buddy! Happy NewYear. Xx

  20. I would like to be included , I am sure I could manage one a day . I don’t have any Liberty fabric but have Other bright fabric , look forward to getting started . Trish

  21. Marilyn Wilks says:

    I just love circles, and Liberty. Do I wait until I finish my star a year project, and my hexes?

  22. Melody A. says:

    I think your quilt is going to be fabulous and so pretty and vibrant ! Happy New Year!

  23. Louise says:

    I just might have to hitch my wagon to the circle project. I have collected Liberty’s for a few years now and I see my sister Judy is on board…hmm..I really don’t need another start but it seems like it might be bad luck to not have a new project for a new year!

  24. Cathy says:

    I hope I’m at Liberty to say…and what a lovely new project it is!

  25. Carole Minihan says:

    Love the Liberty fabric, must visit Treehouse for my new project, after I have completed my other quilt tops.

  26. Carole says:

    Inspired fabric and colour choices, this is going to be fun to watch.

  27. Lorraine says:

    Looks like a fun new project! Might have to go cut some squares and get the Liberty stash out!

  28. Sisbabe says:

    Oh love the backgrounds! How could you not want to play with such colour each day? It’s so fun to start something new and fresh and fun 🙂 You are so organised, this will be a simple and easy daily project for you

  29. selina says:

    Good luck with the project, great choices. I started today also.

  30. Cocopatch says:

    Happy new year! good project but without me!

  31. Paulette says:

    Your Liberty fabrics are going to be gorgeous in your circle project! Beautiful backgrounds too.

  32. Looking forward to seeing how this shapes up. What a great start!

  33. Cécile says:

    OMG ! I’m late !!
    First : happy new year dear Meredithe ! I wish you all the best for you and yours !
    Second : I love a lot your idea of a solid with a Liberty onto it ! Great !!
    It’s going to be a gorgeous quilt…as usual !
    Hugs !

  34. Wendy Reed says:

    Meredithe, I LOVE your fabric choices. I am doing strictly feedsacks and I adore the solid background fabrics used with the Liberty and feedsacks. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  35. Kerry says:

    Happy New Year Meredithe. I look forward to another year of inspiration from you. I CANNOT start ANOTHER project 😩 but love your idea and fabrics, especially the Feed Sack fabrics. Are they also from Treehouse Textiles? Look forward to seeing your progress. Happy sewing, Kerry

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