……of sorts has been happening at p and c.

During the week before Christmas week, my sewing room’s disorder finally drove me to the point where something had to be done. My sewing, or more accurately the lack thereof, was in part due to feeling stifled by the mess and clutter. I decided to clear it all out, sort, collate, pack, box and hopefully put back less and in some sort of order. The Golfer walked past and looked from the near empty dining sewing room to the, by now, over cluttered lounge room and rudely remarked that I just seemed to have moved everything from one room to the other. Cheek! I harrumphed, tossed my head and declared that everything was in distinct, coordinated and meaningful groups, awaiting their clearing/sorting/boxing/collating to happen.

After two and a half day, one trip to the op shop (to deliver) and another to the $2.00 shop to buy boxes (which were slightly more than $2.00), the room is more ordered and many projects are now boxed and housed in the amoire

20151230-141619.jpgawaiting their turn. There are still a couple of boxes to be delivered to a friend who helps out at a refugee centre where they teach women to sew, and some things to pass on to other friends. (Beware any one who visits, or whom I visit in the foreseeable future!! You have been warned!)

One big change I made was to put the work table under the adjacent window, and move my sewing machine from its hidey hole cupboard out onto said table; the hidey hole now houses more projects – of the yarn kind.

20151230-142055.jpgThis has left my machine prey to dust and given that there are times when my machine lies idle because I’m caught up with hand work, it seemed appropriate to make my machine a cover. Yes, I could have worked out how to make one, but a quick search on the Internet led me to this very professional tutorial. Yesterday I visited Sewn and Quilted (they’re having a huge sale – fabrics as low as $12.00pm) and picked up some iron-on foam (and some bobbinis!), and averted my eyes from the fabrics – aren’t you proud of me?!

20151230-142750.jpgMy fabric chosen, from my fabric library,

20151230-142820.jpgit took but a short while to make the cover, following Vanessa’s easy instructions. The foam was a little thick making the sewing a little unwieldy but not difficult. I didn’t quite have enough fabric for the sides too, but found some scraps of Prints Charming spot the perfect size. In my eagerness to get it made, I forgot to do any quilting, but I don’t think it’s needed and hey, it’s a sewing machine cover.

And here it is!

20151230-143223.jpgAnd it fits and it works! Double bonus.

Meredithe x

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18 Responses to Progress…….

  1. Heather N says:

    Yay..well done Miss M … What an achievement … and I just love your machine cover… Following link now … X

  2. Judy says:

    Yea, it’s a very pretty cover at that. I think I spied two jelly rolls in that armoire??

  3. Susan creer says:

    Apart from the machine cover looking good, you used some fabric from your stash. This now means you have a hole to buy more fabric😉

  4. Fiona says:

    You’re more than welcome anytime come and tidy my sewing room. Also, one of the patchwork groups I am in has for the last 6 years been making quilts for the Lighthouse Foundation residents. We are always on the lookout for more fabric scraps so if you ever want to get rid of some of yours we would love to have them.

  5. Jill Dearing says:

    I had planned to do that when Fiona was here but the only sorting we did was Fiona finding fabric for stars in my repro stash. I did cut out a few for myself as well!!

  6. Carole Minihan says:

    You are sooo funny, great cover, stash now a bit short, hummmm what will catch your eye next,

  7. Linda says:

    I know exactly how content you feel, having cleared and sorted your sewing supplies. The cat who got the cream? Well done. Love the sewing machine cover. Bright and jolly.

  8. I am taking note for the day is coming to reinvent my sewing space. Well done on the machine cover.

  9. Cécile says:

    Congratulations ! You used your own fabrics and yes ! We are proud of you !! Ha ! Ha !
    This cover machine is very pretty !
    Bravo M !

  10. audrey says:

    Ahh.. so nice to get the sewing area cleaned and tidied up. I need to do a deep clean on mine as well. Great sewing machine cover!

  11. Perfect – in fact, the cover may be better without quilting. It certainly stands up beautifully!

  12. thimbleanna says:

    Beautiful Meredithe! I love projects that put our fabric out there so that we can see it every day!

  13. Machine cover looks great. Best wishes for 2016 …

  14. Hilda says:

    Gorgeous cover – well done! Loved hearing about the sewing room tidy 🙂
    All ready for the New Year!

  15. Deborah Burville says:

    Well done M!! That’s a HUGE job to have done!

  16. That was a job worth doing and I hope you now feel good with the result. Your machine cover looks great. I love the firmness you have achieved by using the foam even though it was a challenge to get under the machine. Wishing you a Happy New Year

  17. I love the cover!! Both my machines have coverings of my practice pieces of fmq, which get moved to the ironing board when the machines are in use. I do have a wonderful pattern in a beautiful magazine I bought years ago ……. maybe this year I will make it??!!

  18. Sally says:

    Well done, it makes the room look tidier when the cover is on the machine even if for very short periods and it adds colour to the room and keeps dust out.

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