It’s HOT!

It’s Hoooooot! And yes, that is said in a whiney, wingey voice (you know I hate the heat). It’s been hot all week, but today it’s going to be 41 here, and 43 for Ma Kettle (I don’t know why 2 degrees makes a difference, but it does!). My mad Golfer is out playing golf – and they say quilters are crazy – but he did change his tee time to the morning.

It’s windy too, a hot north wind which is only expected to get worse. I put out a load of washing this morning, and by the time the second load was ready to go out, the first load was dry! I believe it’s going to be hot everywhere in Australia today.

I was awake at 6.00am and decided to get up and make a start on this

20151219-114532.jpgPretty good inroads, huh? The garden had gotten out of control lately, so we called in a gardening crew, they’ve done a clean up

20151219-115002.jpgand now we I’m spreading some mulch to help with weed control and water saving. (We’ll need to plant more plants, but that can wait until Autumn)

20151219-115049.jpgBy the time I came in at 9.00am the sun had quite a bite to it.

My pots are looking good

20151219-115156.jpgand give me so much pleasure with their colours

20151219-115249.jpgand the hanging basket too is starting to bloom

The house is closed up, the cooler is on (thank goodness we had it installed), I’ve cooled down, and I might even get some stitching done. Oh, darn it, I have to man up and get that second load of washing off the line………

Stay cool, or warm as the case may be, and enjoy your day.

Meredithe x

PS just went to fold the first load of washing and it’s still warm from the heat outside!

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13 Responses to It’s HOT!

  1. Ann Ireland says:

    How funny, I did the same with the washing. Even the towels are drying fast. Time to sit in front of the air conditioner and stitch. I’m with you I don’t like this heat!!

  2. Lynn Shortland says:

    Merry Christmas Meredith. Hot weather is the norn up north if WA. While in Hedland early 80 s we had 2 days of over 50degrees C. That was darned hot. Cool soda water with freshly sliced thin line wedges & ice is very refreshing. X Lyn Shortland

  3. Sue Whitburn says:

    I’m impressed with the state of your beautiful flowers in this heat- esp the hanging basket!! Xx

  4. Quilter 501 says:

    And to think that here in the Pacific Northwest I am stitching almost on top of the wood burning stove trying to get warm and my golfer is out in our machinery shop, wearing a parka with winter ear muffs on his ears, propane heater blowing heat as best it can, hitting golf balls into a net and splitting lots of balls because of the cold. This is what the not so great balls are saved for. I think he is into some serious withdrawal and the winter is young! Your flower pots are gorgeous….ours are stacked in the corner with spider webs!

  5. Judy says:

    Snow here and more predicted for the whole week coming. I guess we will have a white Christmas. Dreaming of my Spring planting while I finish quilting a Christmas gift, a Kaye England pattern. Easy does it in the heat, hope you are able to do a little stitching.

  6. Carole Minihan says:

    Baskets are looking great, my roses have withered with heat, went shopping stayed in the cool

  7. Cécile says:

    Your flowers are beautiful !!
    I don’t like the heat because we can’t do anything ! And the nature suffers from that ! And no quilting these days because it’s too hot !
    Oh my…humans are never satisfied no ? Or I think it’s me ….. :))

  8. Hilda says:

    No apologies needed for whining about the heat – I hate it too – anything over 30degs! I spread 10 cubic metres of mulch around my garden but did it over several weeks in early Spring – not in that heat! I love your pots and hanging baskets – they look so fresh and pretty just like the ones that line the streets in the UK. Hope you have a lovely cool Christmas:)

  9. Good to see the sunshine – but I do hope it cools down for Christmas!

  10. Chas Spain says:

    Wow Meredithe – you’re putting (or potting) me to shame. I might venture out tomorrow now the weather’s dampened down a bit. I did get up early though and got through some inside prep for the Christmas onslaught eeeek…

  11. treadlemusic says:

    Getting caught up on your last posts. Amazing in-progress stitchings!!!! The “noshes” looked fab, too!!! There’s warmth (unusual) here….45F at 5:00pm…quite dark outside, green grass everywhere!!! Love it!!!! We head out for southern Texas in a week (it’s bee mid 80s there). Your flowers are a pleasant sight for those of us in this area. Enjoy the change in schedule!!!!!

  12. I’m sitting here in the flat, looking out at grey skies, and puddles on the road from a heavy shower of rain ……. do you want to swap!!

  13. rachaeldaisy says:

    Thank goodness the cooler weather has arrived! You’re so good for getting up early and mulching. I did mine in spring and it’s hefty work. Your flowery pots are so pretty, a lovely colourful reward for your gardening efforts.

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