Class show and tell


Ellen has been busy at home making her annual Christmas quilt which she brought in to show us

20151126-203956.jpgand she’s busy insetting triangles in her next border

20151126-204046.jpgPearl brought in her block book

20151126-204117.jpgwhich is housing some new blocks made from New York fabric

20151126-204159.jpgLois is fussing cutting for a Blazing Star – loving that centre

20151126-204324.jpgPaula had a big “Ta-Da” moment finishing her first ever piece of patchwork

20151126-204422.jpgSue 3 cut up some more squares for the Secret Quilt

20151126-204513.jpgDeirdre starting quilting overlapping diamonds in her borders

20151126-204547.jpgKaren finished off one of four Christmas stockings that are required for the new additions to her family

20151126-204645.jpgAnne-Maree is gradually getting her hexies stitched down

20151126-204726.jpgJenny and I chose some more fabrics for her quilt

20151126-204811.jpgand Anne-Marie’s angel is getting her wings.



Marilyn had a big “Ta-Da” moment too with her finished quilt top

20151126-204944.jpgJosephine did her homework and appliquéd on the motifs for her new Christmas wall hanging

20151126-205036.jpgand by class end it was sporting stars and trees

20151126-205129.jpgwe welcomed Sue 2 back, and she’s been working on blocks

20151126-205209.jpgand gorgeous stars

20151126-205243.jpgFiona is working on the 3/9th

20151126-205322.jpgLorraine is appliquéing

20151126-205348.jpgas is Sue 1

20151126-205412.jpgJane is DWR’ing

20151126-205444.jpgand Lisa chose the perfect backing for her quilt.

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Ros Gale says:

    Cjan I ask the name of the quilt that Marilyn has finished please

  2. Linda says:

    I always enjoy your Class Round up photos. Such a variety of styles, fabric choices etc so each photos is extremely interesting. I love the cute fabrics being cut by Sue 3, never seen any of those in a Quilt Shop. Now I am intruiged – what is the Secret Quilt? And who is it for?

  3. helen says:

    Love reading your blog!
    It is very motivating and humorous !
    Best wishes!

  4. treadlemusic says:

    As always, amazing!!!! Please, pass along to all the gals how much I am in awe of their art!!!!! Ellen’s ‘gift’ quilt is a pattern I have had for a couple of years and have been meaning to make (think I even have the fabric bought!!!) and Pearl’s “block book” fabric is setting on my cutting/design table as I write this with no project in mind…….til now. I NEED to make one of those “books”!!!!! What size did she make hers??? I think I’m leaning towards a 15″, or so, as I sometimes make the larger blocks (course, I could make 2 sizes!!!! LOL!!!! ). Thanks for the inspiration……again!!!!

  5. Love all of these projects–especially the Christmas quilt. Got to make one!

  6. Judy says:

    Love Lisa’s fabric choices and looking forward to see the progress on this. Such great fabrics, everyone, No point in being specific because I love it all. Once more, thanks for the great photos.

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