Class show and tell


Carole has finished all the main blocks for her GTSB

20151114-131625.jpgand together we trimmed blocks as per instructions and Carole put borders on these blocks

20151114-131722.jpgLois had whipped this top up during the week

20151114-131754.jpgSue 3 was cutting out for more blocks of her secret quilt

20151114-131835.jpgafter a couple of hassles Anne-Maree got her borders on and we were able to see how her hexagons will look

20151114-131923.jpgand Anne-Marie learnt to do back stitch and started stitching the tree, and her angel is getting hair

20151114-132123.jpgJen is circling, circling, circling

20151114-132153.jpgand Pearl was “that” much short with her backing, so we worked out the dimensions for a strip to run down the middle of the backing using left over fabrics and blocks from the quilt top.



During the week Lorraine finished the top of her charity quilt

20151114-132419.jpgJosephine brought in the Liberty fabrics that her son bought her on a recent trip to London

20151114-132504.jpgand we worked out where to cut her fabric for her borders

20151114-132543.jpgSue 1 appliquéd some more blocks

20151114-132616.jpgMarilyn prepped the corners for her final border

20151114-132647.jpgand while all that was going on, five students were making Block Books::

GJ made this one

20151114-132744.jpgand this one

20151114-132810.jpgVicki had called into the shop on Wednesday as a customer, admired the students’ Block Books and ended up joining class on Thursday to make her own

20151114-133104.jpgJane made this one

20151114-133330.jpgand Chris this one

20151114-133404.jpgand Lisa nearly finished hers, so I hope to show you that one next time.

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Doreen says:

    Love the “Block Books”…………………

  2. Judy says:

    So much to take in. Love the block books especially Jane and Chris’s. Those are my fabrics. And…I must say that Josephine is one lucky mama!!

  3. Linda says:

    Another gorgeous post! So many fabulous things being made, I love them all. The Block Books look lovely – that pear fabric is delicious – but I’m not sure what they are! Bags for keeping blocks in whilst you are working on them? I loved the pieced strip for Pearl’s backing. Pieced backings are so much more interesting even if they do involve more work!

  4. As industrious as ever – and there are some gorgeous fabrics on display!

  5. There is so much wonderful sewing this week, that I can’t pick a winner!!

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