Stitch Sisters

There’s been some technical problems on the computer front the last few days, and I have so much to tell you! (Don’t you just love technology?) But all “appears” to be ok……..fingers crossed!

So, going back to the weekend, Saturday was Stitch Sisters at Sue’s where her tribute to William Morris is now hanging on the wall,

20151028-195405.jpgand there’s a lovely Japanese quilt on the arm of the couch – just next to where I was sitting.

20151028-195507.jpgThere was delicious afternoon tea,

20151028-195528.jpgincluding pineapple cake.

20151028-195554.jpgHelen has been shopping

20151028-195613.jpgpicking up some goodies

20151028-195643.jpgand she’s been at the sewing machine, whipping this up using left over blocks from a class with me waaaaay back and some newly bought fabrics

20151028-195715.jpgAND she’s now hand piecing this block which she’s named Joanna in honour of the lead character in a quilting novel she’s reading (one of the Elm Creek books)

20151028-200234.jpgSue is stitching up a Christmas stocking for her new grandson

20151028-195948.jpgRhonda is hand piecing these Mariner’s Compasses

20151028-200338.jpgand I’ve started on the collar for Ma Kettle’s jumper

20151028-200419.jpgYep, that back, front and both sleeves finished! I can’t believe it either!!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Stitch Sisters

  1. Quilting and cake seems to be a very popular combination.
    Seeing some of the cakes you show, I’m not surprised!

  2. treadlemusic says:

    I do believe that I have most of those Japanese fabrics in my stash, also!!! But, so far they’ve only been caressed!!!!! LOL!! Thanks for sharing (once again!).

  3. Linda says:

    That Pineapple cake looks delicious! Any chance of th recipe? I’m just waiting for my Sultana cake to come out of the oven ( from Edmond’s Classic cook book) ready for my Patchwork Group meeting at our house tomorrow. More lovely projects on the go by your ladies. Your knitting is racing ahead. Impressed!

  4. Judy says:

    Interesting comments today, I was going to ask if there were any chance you gals would post some of your cake recipes?? Of course the needlework is amazing as usual but…the pineapple cake…mmmmmm!

  5. Lots of lovely sewing …… and lots of yummy food!!

  6. Cécile says:

    The panel on the wall is beautiful …..and the lunch yummy !!
    Another funny day with your friends M !

  7. rachaeldaisy says:

    Beautiful fabric and yarn delights!! If this blog post had sound I’m sure there would have been the sounds of fun times and laghter of friends.

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