Class show and tell


Sue 3 has her GTSB quilt top finished!

20151015-194349.jpgIt’s off to the quilters now, so Sue is back on her “Star a Day” stars.

20151015-194452.jpgI sent Noreen home with a cutting list last week, and her husband, Mr D, who does all her cutting did a sterling job and Noreen was able to try her hand at foundation piecing, completing the first quarter of a compass for her new quilt.

20151015-194649.jpgAdrienne and I went through all her blocks to make sure they are all done – just a couple missing so she cut out in class.

20151015-194807.jpgEllen started stitching the hexagon border on

20151015-194847.jpgAnne-Maree has cut out all her hexagons now

20151015-194918.jpgJenny also set up another hexagon set

20151015-194959.jpgDeirdre only has two corners to finish on her hand quilting before she starts on the borders

20151015-195110.jpgAnne-Marie’s birds have beaks and antlers are growing on the deer

20151015-195210.jpgand as it was a long class this week, Sue was able to stop serving and joined in to have lunch with us, quickly demolishing this tasty focaccia!



Marilyn has some stars made

20151015-195411.jpgand spent class cutting out background diamonds for the rest

20151015-195500.jpgSue 2 has also been making stars

20151015-195532.jpgCarylin has spent some time lately with her Mum in the country, both of them attending classes with visiting teachers


20151015-195803.jpgand Carylin spent class stitching together squares for the border on yet another quilt

20151015-195842.jpgAlison finished embroidering her rabbit, learning blanket stitch and colonial knots

20151015-195924.jpgand started on the butterfly

20151015-195953.jpgSue 1 was busy appliquéing

20151015-200020.jpgNanette started putting her diamond pieces together

20151015-200101.jpgJane is happily DWR’ing

20151015-200136.jpgLisa’s appliqué is growing

20151015-200251.jpgas is Chris’s next border.

Meredithe x

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9 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. treadlemusic says:

    I almost feel “shell shocked” by all that creativity!!!! Sue 3’s quilt…..well, words fail me!!! It has such a vintage vibe with a contemporary approach——gorgeous!!! Carylin’s applique is awesome!!! All those little pieces you all put together……..sigh……..AMAZING!!!! I so love the contrast to the world I seem to float in……which revolves around the use of machines (for piecing and quilting). Hand work exudes peacefulness and serenity. Thanks so much for posting these and I’m so thankful for our paths crossing these many months ago!!!!! Hugs to all……………………….(with much admiration!!!!)

  2. Linda says:

    Great photos of all those lovely projects. You have such a talented group. Love the quilt that has gone to the quilter’s. I do enjoy your Photo Round-ups. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cécile says:

    What-a-busy-busy-busy-group !!!!!!!
    A big Bravo to you all ladies ! You’ve done a very beautiful work !!

  4. Judy says:

    Such a productive group, beautiful stitching! Was happy to see Carilyn’s start to Mountmellick and now I am in love with Pendle Hill. I need to find more time somewhere! Thanks so much for the beautiful photos. Judy

  5. Kyle says:

    So much beautiful stitching when these girls all get together. So many lovely stars and hexies. Sue’s quilt is awesome and a fantastic finish.

  6. What a wonderful display!

  7. Carole Minihan says:

    Beautiful work, sue 3 your completed quilt top is beautiful.

  8. Sharen says:

    I love to see what you ladies are creating each week. It keeps me feeling inspired.

  9. Barb Vedder says:

    thanks for an inspiring post – love to see all projects

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