Saturday stitching

Saturday week ago it was footy finals weekend here in Melbourne town and just three of us stitched at Helen’s on the day…..and I appear to have deleted those pics…..oops!

However, we held an impromptu sewing day yesterday and nearly trebled the number of attendees!

But before we get to that, we had a special little visitor in the morning; my gorgeous Poppet had been shoe shopping with her parents nearby and they called in. Shoe shopping? Yes, a girl after her Aunt’s heart!! At first Poppet was too excited to stand still, preferring to dance instead

20151011-170327.jpgbut I eventually managed a pic for you.

20151011-170359.jpgAren’t they sweet?

And back to sewing……..

We all contributed to a delicious spread

20151011-170606.jpgand there was lots of show and tell too.

Miss S has made this “Frozen” quilt for her little daughter

20151011-170913.jpgand she started hand quilting it

20151011-170945.jpgMiss E has a couple of friends who are having babies, so she’s busy knitting this sweet jumper

20151011-171037.jpgwhich she found in this book from her local library (clever girl!).

20151011-171111.jpgHelen is down to the last couple of blocks for her appliqué

20151011-171142.jpgOur Sue is hand quilting

20151011-171212.jpgAndrea had found an old quilt she’d started, and not quite knowing what she was thinking at the time, is pulling it apart

20151011-171309.jpgand re-thinking it.

20151011-171342.jpgMrs Mac was our hostess for the day, and in between making copious cups of tea, she did a little stitching of her own.

20151011-171445.jpgMaree is making Liberty hexagons…….

20151011-171518.jpg…..’cos she can!

And I finished up the band on the front of Ma Kettle’s jumper – yes, that does mean the back is finished…..yep, already!!

20151011-171622.jpgHelen had some special show and tell for us; a fabulous magazine on Kaffe Fassett sent all the way from Scotland by our gorgeous friend Anne, which definitely needs some assiduous scrutiny by yours truly at a later date.

20151011-172340.jpgI did like Mrs Mac’s new wall hanging too!

20151011-171935.jpgAnd just in case you’re hungry……

20151011-172005.jpgHow was your Saturday?

Meredithe x

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12 Responses to Saturday stitching

  1. Adorable silver shoes. I want a pair! Another lovely roundup. I was missing your posts as they weren’t coming up in my feed but thankfully all sorted now.

  2. Poppet’s a girl after my own heart. You can never have enough silver shoes.

  3. Linda Dutch says:

    I love Mrs Mac’s wall hanging.. I’m a granny, and we haven’t had any sleepovers …yet!

  4. Judy says:

    Well, my Saturday was wonderful but cannot hold a candle to yours! First off, love the sweet peas on your lunch table and of course everything placed around the sweet peas looks yummy. The little chubby ankles in those adorable shoes are to die for, the best thing about grans are the deep creases and dimples! Beautiful needlework all around, especially love the Liberty hexies, Andrea’s redo, and the knitting. Your Mom’s jumper is looking good, really like the color. Thanks for an inspiring post. Judy

  5. Poppet’s shoes are delicious – I want a pair!!
    What a fabulous collection of projects – and I love the pin through the eyebrow on the Frozen quilt, making her look like a punk!!
    Good food too!!

  6. I had a pair of shoes a bit like that when I was little!

  7. Cécile says:

    Oh my…compared to yours, very quiet !!
    Miss little Poppet has nice shoes !!
    Hugs M!

  8. Helen F says:

    Another great get together M!! Luv the swerling of Poppet in the first photo showing off her shoes!!!

  9. Sorry to have missed Helen’s day but there are two days a year I selfishly keep to myself. Grand Final Day and Bathurst …. Loved Mrs Mac’s sign, and the Kaffe mag, and the Liberty hexs and. those tiny feet and and ………all just fab… see you soon. xxx

  10. Meredithe your crafting group of friends are pursuing a wonderful variety of amazing projects. What fun it must be when you all get together for stitching, fellowship and food. Love Poppet’s new shoes and Mrs Mac’s new wallhanging!

  11. rachaeldaisy says:

    Lots of amazing sewing as always. If I had those silver princess shoes I would want to dance and twirl too!

  12. thimbleanna says:

    Looks like a perfect day of stitching — and what a fun surprise to have little Poppet drop in. Looks like you’re making great progress on the sweater too — Yay!!!

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