Class show and tell


Noreen brought along her finished block keeper

20151008-195513.jpgand bought fabrics and a book for her next project

20151008-195606.jpgAnne-Maree has made lots

20151008-195632.jpgand lots

20151008-195649.jpgand lots of hexagons!

20151008-195713.jpgJenny’s making lots of hexagons too

20151008-195739.jpgas is Ellen

20151008-195815.jpg(and for those who were asking, Ellen is making “Robyn’s Nest”)

Adrienne is making great progress with her blocks

20151008-200040.jpgas is Pearl!



There’s another newcomer due early next year in Lorraine’s family so she’s busy with a new quilt for him/her

20151008-200206.jpgJosephine has made all these stars

20151008-200240.jpgand her daughter’s quilt is back from quilting

20151008-200330.jpgMarilyn stitched two more of her stars in class

20151008-200406.jpgLorraine appliquéd some of her pieces

20151008-200444.jpgas did Sue 1

20151008-200512.jpgChris did lots of prep work

20151008-200544.jpgFiona made more “Star a Day” blocks

20151008-200614.jpgboth Alison

20151008-200635.jpgand Nanette were binding

20151008-200711.jpgand Jane stitched and stitched and stitched more arcs!

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Cécile says:

    No doubt, hexagons are trendy !! But they are so beautiful ladies !!

  2. mandymunroe says:

    So much progress, lovely projects!

  3. Linda Dutch says:

    I love Josephine’s stars, very pretty in Gardenvale fabrics! And I’m wondering who the “Inspired by Vintage Quilts’ book is by?

  4. Ooooh – lots and lots of lovely hexies. I especially liked Anne-Maree’s fussy cut centres (I have some of those fabrics!)

  5. Isn’t it astonishing to see how much of a difference can be made just by the fabrics and the way they’re cut – those fussy cut hexies all look so different!

  6. Some beautiful work here. I particularly like Fiona’s “Star a Day” – those blocks look tiny!

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