Needles of a different kind

While I haven’t been plying a sewing needle terribly much of late, I have been wielding needles of a different kind, four in fact, and have finally finished the socks for MyDearFIL.

20150928-204005.jpgThese are my first ever, really socks! (The pic is terrible for colour, they’re actually brown.)

Can anyone explain why it took me a year to knit one sock and a week to knit its mate?? I think I was a little afraid of the “foot” part; please note the turned heels and the grafted toes (proudly puffed out chest moment!).

The Golfer delivered the socks earlier this week (I’m up with Ma Kettle) and MyDearFIL was delighted. (My mother-in-law used to knit him socks all the time and he hasn’t had any since she died……and I’ve been a bit slow off the mark making up the shortfall!!). There are plans to knit him more, and I have some yarn to make some for myself too. Now that a pair is completed, they really aren’t that hard to do, and I actually quite enjoyed knitting the second sock.

So, with that UFO done, it’s time to start on Ma Kettle’s jumper.

20150928-204805.jpgA slightly larger proposition than a pair of socks; let’s hope it doesn’t take as long as the socks!

Meredithe x

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11 Responses to Needles of a different kind

  1. Judy says:

    Good for you, they’re a pair! Bought my first bamboo needles and yummy yarn this summer. I was told I should start with dish cloths, can you imagine? I want socks. Now I need to watch some good how to videos.

  2. Deborah Burville says:

    Feel the fear Meredith!! and do it anyway!!!
    Well done with the socks, They look really good!!

  3. Carole Minihan says:

    How clever are you, sure your fil loved them

  4. Well done on finishing the socks – I still have a half knitted second sock in my knitting basket! I first knitted socks when I was about 9 – we had knitting lessons at school from the age of 7!!
    Your Darling Ma’s jumper will take no time at all!!!!!

  5. Sue Whitburn says:

    Well done Meredithe, an impressive feat!! Hard to be,I’ve they are actually brown- quite taken with the blue!!!!

  6. Sue Whitburn says:

    Oooh- predictive text!!- above post meant to read ‘hard to believe’!!! Xx

  7. treadlemusic says:

    Hooray for you!!!! Sox really only intimidate on the “going in” side but really aren’t so bad once started. Brown???? Really??????????

  8. Congratulations! Dishcloths is about all I can manage…

  9. Glenda says:

    Whoo!!!!!! I’ve got the needles I’ve got a pattern and the wool ! Just need the courage to start ! My next goal is sox!!! Love yours! Xxg

  10. Helen F says:

    You are right M – the socks were a lovely shade of brown – how weird!!!!

  11. Miss E says:

    Hats off to you Miss M! The socks look lovely and cosy.

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