Class show and tell


A bit of box envy happened on Wednesday. Several people were quite taken with a couple of new boxes that appeared as bags were unpacked.

Paula had this box for her goodies

20150917-155714.jpgand she’s progressing well with her Double Irish Chain block

20150917-155752.jpgand Lois had this pretty box

20150917-155818.jpgwith these blocks that have been resurrected for a gift quilt.

20150917-155900.jpgSue 3 has been busy making flowers for her GBST borders, and by class end had all bar two of the centres appliquéd down.

20150917-160015.jpgDeirdre has gone back to her hand quilting and is progressing well.

20150917-160106.jpgJenny had an EPP hexagon lesson,

20150917-160141.jpgPearl has been making lots of blocks,

20150917-160221.jpgand Anne-Marie has roof, gable and nearly both birds buttonholed down.



Fiona has the first ninth of her “Star a Day” quilt complete

20150917-160422.jpgand as extra show and tell, Fiona brought her Mum, Jill, along; of course, Jill had her own show and tell – “Lucy Boston” blocks.

20150917-160542.jpgJosephine finished her star quilt, made up the backing and left it with Karen for quilting

20150917-160631.jpgand she’s also finished her other quilt top, although we decided to add another border (which will happen next time).

20150917-160916.jpgSue 2 stitched on the third of eight sections for her “Emma Mary” quilt

20150917-160957.jpgThese sweet little birdies keep popping up!

20150917-161029.jpg(sorry Helen!)

20150917-161053.jpgMarilyn has started a Liberty “Star a Day”,

20150917-161157.jpgSue 1 cut background squares and prepped some of her pieces for appliqué,

20150917-161257.jpgJane has another full DWR completed (26 to go!) and some more pieces stitched,

20150917-161349.jpgAlison started learning embroidery,

20150917-161415.jpgCarylin shocked us all with no show and tell (I had to sit down!) as she’s had quite a busy time on the domestic front, but made up for it in class with these

20150917-161525.jpgand in between lots of chat and teasing, Chris actually managed some sewing!

20150917-162152.jpg(Hee – getting my own back, Chris!)

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Linda says:

    I do enjoy reading your Group reports. You are a very talented Group, creating such a range of most interesting pieces. Definitely “eye candy”! Seeing the boxes reminds me how many and varied tins I own. All in use, somewhere in the house. Perhaps I should gather them all together and take a photograph.

  2. Love the boxes (and that reminds me that I have a new biscuit tin to take photos of!) Today’s star is definitely the Double Wedding Ring ……. I will do one someday!! The bird fabric is cute (sorry Helen!!)

  3. thimbleanna says:

    OhMyGosh! How do you stand it? I’d be wanting to start WAY too many quilts if I were in your group. Great show and tell!

  4. Cécile says:

    As usual, many beautiful projects are growing up !! Thank you for sharing with us !!
    And bravo ladies !!

  5. What an industrious group!

  6. audrey says:

    Love seeing these projects! Always a bit of inspiration.:)

  7. Judy says:

    Hi Meredith, love all the beautiful work. Especially interested in what Chris is doing, great fabrics. Judy

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