In the Kettles’ garden

While I was staying up with Ma Kettle last week, I spent some time wandering the garden. With Spring on its way, there are plenty of new shoots, new flowers and new growth on nearly every plant.

20150914-143102.jpgPa Kettle took great pride in growing cyclamens and would have been so pleased to see the first spike flowering

It’s such a pretty colour; I tried to take a pic of the actual flower, but it hasn’t turned out that well…….

20150914-143340.jpgI do like this leucadendron which is bursting out all over the place.

20150914-143523.jpgMa picked some to enjoy inside as well, pairing it with some rosemary.

It’s a glorious Spring day here in Melbourne town, and on my walk this morning it was a bittersweet feeling to find that the blossom of a week ago is rapidly disappearing to be replaced by leaves. It’s so quick, isn’t it, that transition from blossom to leaves – blink and you miss it! Mind you, just add aqua, which is the colour of the sky today, and you have my fav colours; aqua, pink, green, with a dash of white.

How’s your day?

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to In the Kettles’ garden

  1. Carole Minihan says:

    Outside the window from my hospital bed I have a maple tree from bud to each day producing a few leaves, nature is amazing, thanks for sharing Ma Kettles garden

  2. Helen F says:

    Beautiful!! Pa’s orchid and his cyclamens are gorgeous!!! and the garden is looking lovely – he would have been pleased with it M!! hugs

  3. The garden is looking lovely!
    It’s properly autumnal here, cool and overcast.

  4. Cécile says:

    Wonderful garden !! Spring is close to your door….. 🙂

  5. thimbleanna says:

    Beautiful pictures Meredithe! I think Pa Kettle would be especially pleased to know that you’re looking after and enjoy his flowers. Happy Spring!

  6. Over here the trees are starting to change to their autumn colours, so lovely to see the spring colours in the Kettles’ garden

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