Class show and tell


Carole has two of her appliqué blocks finished


20150905-205332.jpgand I’m very pleased to say that both Deirdre

20150905-205501.jpgand Jenny

20150905-205517.jpghave come to the dark side and are hand piecing their stars (yay!!).

Anne-Marie set up and started stitching down her final appliqué block

20150905-205635.jpgSue 3 is working on her border flowers (and was wearing another gorgeous hat)

20150905-205726.jpgEllen has two borders on her centre

20150905-205756.jpgand is working on the other two and the corners

20150905-205834.jpgPearl is having fun with lots of blocks

20150905-205915.jpgand we had two newbies; Paula hadn’t done any sewing before, but came to class wanting to make a Double Irish Chain block for a cushion

20150905-210050.jpgand Karen is looking to expand her embroidery skills so we’re taking a Sue Spargo type approach to some cotton print fabrics – should be fun!



Carylin is back from a holiday with a finished mystery quilt top from Summer School (the Canterbury Quilt)

20150905-210453.jpgdesigning her own centre

20150905-210519.jpgand just before she left for her holiday, Carylin decided to take the plunge and start Mrs Billings; these were done on holiday

20150905-210633.jpgand these were done in class

20150905-210706.jpgNanette has her Kendall Farm finished – Ta Da!

20150905-210932.jpgand she cut out diamonds ready for the next project

20150905-211007.jpgPeggy is working through her blocks

20150905-211036.jpgSue 1 was prepping circles

20150905-211111.jpgJosephine was working out the edges on her quilt top

20150905-211154.jpgJane is working on her arcs

20150905-211230.jpgFiona cut and bagged lots of little stars

20150905-211320.jpgMarilyn stitched lots of stars

20150905-211359.jpgChris was working on her border

20150905-211437.jpgand Lisa cut out templates

20150905-211501.jpgfor her corner appliqué design.

20150905-211529.jpgIt was a busy two days!

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Cécile says:

    OMG !! I hope you took time to sleep !! 😀
    Gorgeous projects with lot of talent ! Tha’s what I saw on this post !!

  2. Kyle says:

    You all have access to some beautiful vintage fabrics and the gals in the groups always put together some exquisite combinations. I love your term “gone to the dark side”. Hurray for them!

  3. Pat Mosley says:

    WOW.. makes me wish I could join all of you in the fun and learning. Blessings from Texas, Pat Mosley

  4. Love your “show and tell”. I don’t have time to quilt much right now, but your posts bring me the quilt “eye candy” and need. Thanks.

  5. Linda says:

    Beautiful Quilts 🙂

  6. It was indeed – very busy! It will be so good to see the newbies making progress too!

  7. helen f says:

    Couldn’t you have talked the embroidery newbie out of doing birds for appliqué!!!

  8. Quilter 501 says:

    Oh, I am always so inspired by your posts. I flew down to Portland, OR to help my daughter again and the plane had Aussie firefighters! Loved the accent…..closed my eyes and pretended they were doing EPP and I was with your group…the only highlight in a summer of fires and illnesses from smoke….waiting for clearer skies!

  9. Judy says:

    Love the line about the Aussie fire fighters, I imagine I am there with your group with every P & C blog I read! What is that shape that Peggy is using, is it the honeycomb? Beautiful work from all your girls. Jane’s arcs from 30’s are so pretty. Lucky new girls to be joining in. Thank you again for all the inspiration. Judy

  10. Barb Vedder says:

    always love to see show and tell –

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