Squishy parcels

You know I’m a sucker for a squishy parcel and there’s been a few arrive over the last week and a half. Firstly a very special one from Carrolyn, one of my readers from the USA

20150723-165736.jpgIsn’t this fabulous? So nice to see a “cow-girl” included. I love it, Carrolyn, thank you.

The next Liberty fabric instalment has arrived from Amitie

20150723-171335.jpgand another posting from Treehouse

20150723-171455.jpgand while it didn’t come in a squishy parcel, I’ve received this from GJ. Those of you who are Aussies and of my generation, remember this from school?

20150723-171603.jpgFor those of you not Aussies (or of my generation), we used this to learn about Australia; tracing around it and marking in the states, capital cities, rivers etc. Having been born in Tasmania (of Victorian parents I hasten to add!) I was alway indignant of the note that Tasmania was “to be drawn free hand”. Just ‘cos Tassie’s “offshore” from “the mainland” couldn’t they have had a little joiner holding the Island State in place?? For those who don’t know, Tasmania lives just below “Vic” or Victoria. (Just looking at it, the ACT – Australian Capital Territory where Australia’s capital city is located – doesn’t rate a mention at all!!)

Ah, memories!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Squishy parcels

  1. Susan says:

    Where did GJ get that Australia template from? What a classic, what a memory! We had the best things growing up! Wish I still had my spirograph!

  2. andrea says:

    Hello, just wondering what size and brand your duckbill scissors are?
    I ordered a pair but they are huge. Cheers Andrea

  3. Cécile says:

    We had the same in France !! And another one in puzzle !
    Lovely fabrics M ! Especially the first !! 😉

  4. Barb Vedder says:

    what beautiful fabrics and LOVE the cowboy toile’ – wow!!

  5. Lyn says:

    Certainly remember the map.. We used to have to trace the coastline with our old pens with nibs that we dipped in the inkwell. Bring on the fine line felt tip pens!

  6. Just showed this to my husband The Australian, who responded instantly. As he had (and has) family in Tassie, he shares your disgust…!

  7. thimbleanna says:

    Haha — I love that Aussie template — especially that they printed the “Note” about Tasmania! Wonderful fabrics too Ms. Pomegranate — you must be getting quite a stash of Liberty by now!

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