Early week Millrose – part 2

As the 14th is Jan K’s actual birthday day, we started the day with present giving…….and what a bounty!

20150715-101917.jpga great cross section of gifts reflecting the many facets of Jan’s life.

Jeanette was wearing the most gorgeous scarf/shawl, with embroidered “bits” at either end


20150715-102148.jpgand Jeanette is working on this sweet train blanket for a grandson

20150715-102237.jpgBev was cutting clamshells for a bag

20150715-102330.jpgas well as doing this exquisite embroidery


20150715-102417.jpgand having some hexie fun!

20150715-102450.jpgJan’s daughter Laura is a spinner

20150715-102548.jpgturning this

20150715-102607.jpgby means of this

20150715-102626.jpgto this

20150715-102642.jpgthen winding them into these gorgeous hanks

20150715-102711.jpgLaura is also a knitter and has some socks on the go too

20150715-102754.jpgMichelle spent time yesterday beading her daughter’s wedding veil

20150715-102834.jpgand has this lovely sewing wallet which she’s made.

20150715-102929.jpgSome naughty people have brought along a great array of chocolates

20150715-103150.jpgwhich is slightly incongruous along side the fruit provided by Millrose

20150715-103258.jpgFruit? Chocolate? Fruit? Chocolate?……….

It was another bitterly cold day (wonderful!! – so bracing!) and the rain came down again late afternoon; perfect timing for “Cocktail Hour”!

20150715-103539.jpgThen the table was set

20150715-103603.jpgdinner was served

20150715-103623.jpgfollowed by a cake and a “happy birthday” chorus

20150715-103652.jpgand, of course, the devouring of same!

20150715-103719.jpg(Red Velvet cake with milk chocolate and white chocolate ganache between the layers, made by the talented Bev – scrumptious!)

By evening’s end I had part of a whirligig complete and trialled this centre

20150715-104009.jpgand GJ, after prepping both blocks the day before as I had, actually finished appliquéing the first one!

20150715-104206.jpgClever girl!

One more day to go!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Early week Millrose – part 2

  1. Chookyblue says:

    Wow the cake looked great and I love your block…..

  2. Kelly Callaghan says:

    OMG more marvellousness. Did Jeanette put the bibs and bobs on the scarf herself? And the cake – it looks to die for! yum……

  3. Judy says:

    Oh my, how I love those birds. Pattern is not for sale yet, is that correct?

  4. Oh my, so much gorgeousness in one post. I love the scarf (I am just thinking of some of the lovely lengths of tweed in my stash), a super array of presents, wonderful sewing (and accessories) …… and the food -YUM!!!!!

  5. Cécile says:

    Is it too late to sing to Jan….”Happy birthday to you….tra la la ” !! ^^
    Another incredible day at Millrose…..and beautiful projects as usual !

  6. treadlemusic says:

    Bev’s talents are to be applauded (as are all of you sweet gals!)…..BUT that embroidery stole my heart!!!!!

  7. Helen F says:

    ‘NOICE’ M

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