Early week Millrose – part 1

I’ve been delighted (and the teensiest bit intimidated!) to be asked to share a special few days at Millrose to celebrate a “Big 0” birthday – ain’t sayin’ which one!! – for Jan K.

GJ picked me up yesterday morning and as we didn’t need to be at Millrose until after lunch we decided on the spur of the moment to head to Ballarat. Unfortunately a trawl of the Internet and a few phone calls later, most of the places we wanted to visit were closed – well, it was Monday.

We did, however, find a great place for lunch; wen and ware


20150714-103243.jpgand enjoyed a cruise around the store.

And Gail’s Patchwork Emporium was open and I found this unusual fabric which I thought would look great in this bag pattern.

Then it was on to Millrose

20150714-103446.jpgto meet up with Jan K and her stitching embroidery friends.

These women do the most exquisite work. Let me show you……..

Wendy is making this beautiful bag

20150714-103940.jpgalready looking like this

20150714-104011.jpgwith these tiny, tiny beads

20150714-104035.jpgMichelle is working on this winsome “Owl and the Pussycat”

20150714-110229.jpgof which she’s done this

20150714-110252.jpgand the “beautiful pea-green boat” is a separate piece

20150714-110333.jpg(This pattern, and a couple of others, are by Jenny Adin-Christie who worked on Catherine Middleton’s bridal gown)

Jan K is working on an oak tree, complete with acorns

20150714-110621.jpgand also another Jenny Adin-Christie pattern where the bits and pieces are beautifully packaged and labelled



Granny (yes, that’s what everyone calls her) is working on a pelargonium, again with separate pieces that will sit “out” from the work

20150714-111855.jpgand Lyn is working on the Sue Spargo birds.

On the way up to The Kettles last weekend, I called in to Patch n Quilt and Mary had Irene’s new pattern ready for the Block of the Month programme and I was able to pick mine up. I have never seen such a delightfully presented BOM

20150714-113111.jpgThe hand made fabric folder opens up to reveal

20150714-113139.jpgand here is Irene’s pattern (look away Helen, look away!!)

20150714-113215.jpgBy evening’s end I had both blocks prepped

20150714-113245.jpgand ready to go.

20150714-113309.jpgIt had been an overcast, cold day

20150714-113340.jpgand by mid afternoon the rain came pouring down. Can you see the rain splashing?

20150714-113426.jpgSo it was lovely to be tucked up and cosy with piña coladas and nibbles

20150714-113504.jpgand an exquisite dessert made by Jan’s daughter, Laura

20150714-113543.jpgI cannot begin to describe how delicious this was, but for you, I’ll try! Each morsel was chocolate filled, light as air, softer than mousse and scrumptious!

I may well have to jog all the way home if this is how we’re to dine!

More soon……..

Meredithe x

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12 Responses to Early week Millrose – part 1

  1. Annie Andrews says:


  2. A post full of inspiration! Thanks for sharing Meredithe.

  3. Kelly Callaghan says:

    Wow! Such amazing work. I think I’ll go home and bury myself. I love the embroideries even though they are not my thing (I’ve had to limit myself to patchwork or I’d never get any thing done). and the BOM is gorgeous – the presentation is amazing, but I am under strict instructions not to start anything new until I’ve finished a few things.
    Thanks for sharing. Kelly

  4. I am sitting here stunned!! The embroideries are amazing – they must take hours and hours of work. I love your new Irene Blanck project (sorry Helen!!) The fabric for the bag looks good too. And as for the food – I have just about managed not to lick the screen!!!!

  5. Cécile says:

    Oooh ! These embroideries are so gorgeous !!

  6. helen f says:

    All I can say is “OMG”!!!!! Absolutely stunning needlework – I was positively drooling except for the birds!! M you already have a bird quilt and hairy bits!!!!

  7. Barb Vedder says:

    Oh My!!!! what incredible over the top amazing work. Thanks for sharing!
    those tulips are so so pretty

  8. Judy says:

    Over the top post. Such good company you keep. I am loving your birds, especially the second one, unique little bits of fabric.

  9. Louise says:

    I agree with my sister, Judy. Your posts are always most enjoyable covering all of our interests. Your choices of fabric are always spot on. And the food and desserts, yum..Thank you for the time and effort you give us.

  10. Deb Burville says:

    Ohh My Lord ! So much eye candy ! you must have shared a really good time in such wonderful company. The exquisite hand work. Ohh My!

  11. thimbleanna says:

    Ohmygosh — that embroidery is fantastic! I have the wanties for that Hampton Court Palace piece — GORGEOUS!!!

  12. Carole says:

    Oh wow, those embroideries are just stunning! I LOVE Irene’s new BOM, lucky you.

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