The lovely Miss Kaye was our hostess on Saturday; I always enjoy visiting her beautiful home if only to check out her many collections and see what is new and what’s been added. This visit was no exception. Kaye’s daughter, Miss C, has “organised” her mother and her sewing room – Miss C shows an exceptional talent for this kind of thing. There are collections of baskets

20150705-195358.jpgand sewing baskets

20150705-195419.jpgand kookaburra tins

20150705-195438.jpgand little sewing machines

20150705-195506.jpgand a collection of reading matter, quilt based of course

20150705-195542.jpgKaye has made this quilt (which Miss C has laid claim to)

20150705-195650.jpgand she is working on a Katrina Hadjimichael quilt

20150705-195822.jpgand the Civil War Bride Quilt

20150705-195939.jpgMiss C is a talented artist in her own right, preferring pen and ink to needle and thread and she had some new works to show us too. First this fabulous peacock

20150705-200038.jpgwhose body has been cut away, revealing layers beneath

20150705-200109.jpgand whose head is made up of so many pen-and-ink strokes

20150705-200152.jpgThis is Miss C’s work area

20150705-200229.jpgwith a wonderful leaf study, a little hard to photograph because of the Perspex covering, but I hope you can see it well enough

20150705-200322.jpgMiss C including real petals and leaves too

20150705-200353.jpgAmazing talent!

Contributions made for a scrumptious afternoon tea

20150705-200455.jpgand after everyone had helped themselves to these delicacies, the serious business of stitching and chatting got underway.

Helen has chosen a fabulous Kaffe fabric for sashings for her blocks

20150705-200620.jpgMrs Mac is knitting tiny hats for the imminent arrival of twin grandchildren – the glasses are there for perspective

20150705-200805.jpgStill talking tiny, Jenny is crocheting these fine squares in perle 8 thread!!


Miss S is hexagon crazy

20150705-200956.jpgMaree is quilting her Message in a Bottle quilt, with her threads stored in a tin with this fabulous lid

20150705-201138.jpgand Miss A is appliquéing from the same pattern

20150705-201212.jpgand you saw what I was working on in Saturday’s post.

Such a fun and stimulating day!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Squealers

  1. Annie Andrews says:

    Ooh aah ooh aah, a toss up between the kooka tins and the plates, what a collector, and the sewing what a day!!

  2. Susan says:

    I am coveting those sweet sewing machines! And I love that fabric in the last photo of Miss A’s applique!

  3. Helen F says:

    Was the BEST arvo!!!!!

  4. Jenny M says:

    Love Miss C’s work ~ yes, amazing talent. Great choice of fabric Helen has made for her sashings.

  5. treadlemusic says:


  6. Cécile says:

    What a fantastic day you spent once again with your friends !!
    Quilters : I luuuuuve your work ! ^^

  7. Perhaps Miss C could come over and redesign my studio for me, once I get it painted?!?! She is an incredibly talented girl – her art work is stunning.
    Lots of lovely work – I love the sashing Helen has chosen (how did she cope with all the birds!!)
    Mrs Mac’s tiny hats are adorable!

  8. Miss C is indeed a talented artist, and EVERYTHING in this post is beautiful and rich in colour. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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