Darcy’s Girls

Judy was our hostess this month serving up delicious scones, with home made jam and cream for our morning tea, and we looked at fabrics and cushions and boxes………

20150601-180145.jpgThen Judy showed us two of her beautiful quilt tops; this one is “Gelati”

20150601-180447.jpgand this is her new one, “Sugar Plum”, pattern available soon!

20150601-180728.jpgand Judy recently celebrated a birthday, so there were some presents

20150601-180816.jpgand then we were shown Judy’s purchase from the UK of an antique quilt which it is believed comes from Durham

20150601-180918.jpgGJ has some gorgeous feed sacks which she bought from l’uccello

20150601-181227.jpgRae has nearly finished quilting her stunning hexagon quilt

20150601-181324.jpgWe spent a delightful afternoon stitching and chatting

20150601-181407.jpgsharing hints and tips and drooling over fabrics!

Meredithe x

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17 Responses to Darcy’s Girls

  1. Susan Snooks says:

    Oh my goodness! These Darcy girls have a serious overload of talent Meredithe!!!! Rae’s quilt is stunningly beautiful! And I love the freshness of “Gelati’! Oh, for Summer days…..

  2. Helen F says:


  3. Irene Blanck says:

    Another talented group of quilters!! Awesome quilts.

  4. Quilter501 says:

    You Australian ladies know how to do it right….lunches from heaven and outstanding quilting projects……..AGAIN…..sigh, sigh, sigh as my color turns greener and greener with envy. Too too many by where I live just do BIG block boring quilts……

  5. lyn lindsay says:

    A lovely display of work, lots of hard work just gorgeous, a lovely time spent with friends, friends with like minds, wonderful.

  6. wow, all so amazing, Rae’s hex quilt is so fabulous …..and GJ has been back to L’uccello again !!!

  7. Cardygirl says:

    What fun…and lots of lovely stitching!

  8. Annie Andrews says:

    Some great quilts there, am missing my friends and sewing for a day, in Ireland sun out for change weather has bee atrocious,found a good coffee in Ballycastle nearly to Giants Causeway, so lovely getting your emails thank you.

  9. Sue Whitburn says:

    Am in awe of Rae’s hexagon quilt, what a feat! Amazing xx

  10. Judy Beck says:

    I am more inspired with every post. Amazing that with all the beautiful stitching you gals do you still find time to bake! Have some serious envy of those very pretty feedsacks. Loved seeing Judy’s antique quilt, just beautiful. Thanks so much for the photos.

  11. Lots and lots to enjoy in this post. Beautiful stitching, pretty fabrics ….. and oh, those scones!!

  12. Cécile says:

    Dear Meredith’s, this post is amazing !! The antique quilt is awesome, the fabrics sooo cute and the ladies wonderful !!
    Thank you for sharing !

  13. Maree says:

    THe food and the fabrics ,everything is so gorgeous . Very inspiring ,thank you x

  14. Carole Minihan says:

    Wow, fabric parcels look just yummy, food, pressure and quilts gorgeous

  15. Janet says:

    So much to enjoy in this post. The Gelati quilt is marvellous! I adore the antique quilt – so many wonderful fabrics. Thanks for sharing your pictures :0)

  16. mrsfoxfinery says:

    Some lovely fabrics going on and love the Alice in Wonderland card. Would love to get to hang out with you all even if I did no sewing and eat!!! X

  17. thimbleanna says:

    OhMyGosh — how does your head not explode every time you get together with this group? First of all, I didn’t know Judy was in your group! And then, I know Thou Shalt Not Covet, but I can’t help myself. I WANT want WANTY want that gorgeous quilt of Raes. You. Guys. Are. Amazing!!!!

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