Class show and tell


Carole has made more blocks

20150520-151234.jpgand has put together her hexagon block

20150520-151304.jpgSue 3 has some more of her quilt together

20150520-151334.jpgand had some appliqué ready for stitching


20150520-151422.jpgEllen has worked very hard and has the centre stars together, along with lots of hexagons

20150520-151509.jpgand Pearl’s backing is progressing very nicely



Carylin has the centre of her latest quilt finished

20150521-142521.jpgand we trialled some borders

20150521-142559.jpgAlison brought in the quilt that she made with me

20150521-142637.jpgwaaaaay back in 2006!

20150521-142705.jpgFiona laid out her quilt and started hand piecing it together

20150521-142739.jpgNanette laid hers out and machined the first three rows together

20150521-142821.jpgJane stitched together her next set of borders and got one sewn on

20150521-142915.jpgSue 2 also has her centre together

20150521-142950.jpgand is busy making the surrounding blocks

20150521-143018.jpgPeggy was on a roll, head down and machine on fire as she made block after block

20150521-143103.jpgLisa spent her time cutting out lots of squares and triangles

20150521-143146.jpgand Lorraine stitched up a hexagon and two diamond stars in class.

20150521-143239.jpgMary Koval‘s beautiful palampore is now in store

20150521-143544.jpgI have my two

20150521-143617.jpgone to cut up

20150521-143643.jpgand one to keep whole!

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. What a beautiful panel!! I like how you say Carylin’s latest quilt, as if she produces one a day!! As always, beautiful work!

  2. Cécile says:

    You’ve got 2 panels ? May be one for the fussy cutting ?
    Lovely works ladies !! 😉

  3. treadlemusic says:

    The panel is awesome!!!!! And the rest…amazing! The color/print choices are so pleasant. Carylin’s is lovely and I really prefer the “trial” on the right (IMHO). Thank you for sharing and huge kudos to all the quilt artists!!!!!

  4. rachaeldaisy says:

    A delightful array of gorgeous projects, and that panel is awesome, clever you for buying two!

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