I had the chance to visit Jan K’s embroidery class recently, and her students were kind enough to let me take some photos to show you………

This magnificent thistle had just been finished

20150512-133055.jpgmushrooms were growing

20150512-133120.jpgflowers blooming

20150512-133141.jpgstems forming

20150512-133237.jpgfantasy flowers building

20150512-133337.jpgleaves changing colours

20150512-133356.jpglove birds loving

20150512-133421.jpgthis little fairy….

20150512-133448.jpgis having wings tailored to fit

20150512-133520.jpgand the giraffe and the elephant

20150512-133614.jpgare to be joined by this monkey in the making!


Such beautiful work.

Meredithe x

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11 Responses to Interloping

  1. Kyle says:

    All of these women are needlework artists. Incredible!

  2. bermudagirl says:

    Hi Meredithe,
    wow, I love those fairy wings. It is truly amazing what can be done, with thread!! And that stunning thistle. Lovely! Thanks so much for sharing all your fun. Again!


  3. Helen F says:

    Oh My God !!!!!!!!! Exquisite !!!!!

  4. Karen Mactier says:

    Amazing !!!!

  5. Pip says:

    That thistle jumps off the page, it makes me want to touch it.

  6. Absolutely stunning, especially the thistle!!

  7. Cécile says:

    Wow….what amazing and talented work !!
    Thank you for sharing M !!

  8. Carole Minihan says:

    Just Wow, how clever these woman are.

  9. thimbleanna says:

    Wow — what beautiful work. I LOVE the beautiful Thistle!

  10. Hilda says:

    Love the embroidery! The fantasy flowers and the leaves – so beautiful! If only there were more hours …

  11. Miss E says:

    Thank you for sharing the absolutely beautiful work from the embroidery class… a gallery of stunning pieces of art. The 3-D pieces are so (sew?) clever.

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