Saturday stitching

Miss E was our hostess for sewing last Saturday, and she had some delightful show and tell for us.

This box

20150507-150033.jpghouses some complete and some incomplete embroideries

20150507-150106.jpgwhich we had great fun going through and admiring

20150507-150137.jpgplus a pretty apron

20150507-150233.jpgembroidered at the neck and hem

20150507-150256.jpgMiss E has finished her pin cushion

20150507-150323.jpgand her long stitch

20150507-150345.jpgand has stitched up lots of scrappy strips

20150507-150417.jpghas picked up some fabulous fabrics from local op shops


20150507-150501.jpgand on the day worked on one of the embroideries

20150507-150533.jpgHelen had her beautiful shadow work pieces with her

20150507-150616.jpgMrs Mac has prepped a heap of “Farmers’s Wife” blocks

20150507-150705.jpgMaree is progressing well with her knitting

20150507-150733.jpgand Miss A has been practicing her machine quilting

20150507-150824.jpgWe brought afternoon tea to share

20150507-150851.jpgthe specialty of the day being Miss A’s light as a feather and totally scrumptious pink jelly cakes, of which we might each have eaten more than one…….

20150507-151003.jpgAnd very pleasingly, I finished another Aunts’ block

20150507-151039.jpg(It looks like about all I’ll get done for that project this month, so….Yippee!)

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Saturday stitching

  1. I love all the old embroideries, I remembered that I have some from a charity shop in my stash. Well done on the Aunts block, it looks fabulous. Excellent food.

  2. Mary says:

    Beautiful embroidery. Is the flower arrangement one of the Aunt’s blocks. If so, what is the name of the designer? Thanks. Did you ever get that pincushion made for the middle of your bobbin holder? We may get a little rain tonight and tomorrow and then it will be over.

  3. Kyle says:

    What a wonderful variety of needlework. It’s always fun to see what everyone is working on.

  4. Janet says:

    Your Aunt’s block looks wonderful! I love the lime green stems :0)

  5. Helen F says:

    Its always a treasure trove going to Eowyn’s!!! Jelly cakes divine!!!!! Anne would have luuuved them!!!!

  6. thimbleanna says:

    Man oh Man — you guys have been doing a lot of stitching. I love seeing all the work your various groups are doing. And YAY! Aunts’ block progress — I LOVE your colors!

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