Class show and tell


Ellen almost has her two rings of stars complete

20150502-114747.jpgCarole brought in her beautiful hexagon quilt to show us

20150502-115003.jpgSue 3 is starting to piece her blocks together

20150502-115055.jpgJenny was “stripping'”

20150502-115131.jpgand Pearl has started on her pieced backing



Carylin laid out all her blocks

20150502-115302.jpgand made these blocks during the week

20150502-115338.jpgSeveral of the Thursday Girls are nearing the end of projects or are looking for an additional one, so last week I played devil’s advocate making suggestions on what they could do. To assist in decision making, Lorraine brought in the Double Wedding Ring she’s working on

20150502-115620.jpgMeanwhile, Sue 1 has decided to make “Briar Hill” in brights

20150502-115919.jpgand Lorraine too in pretties

20150502-115946.jpgIt will be so interesting to see how each one progresses. Lorraine was so keen she cut out this hexagon set

20150502-120101.jpgthen this one too

20150502-120126.jpgNanette was excited to get her “Kendall Farm” back from quilting


20150502-120407.jpgand during class, Nanette cut lots more strips for her Log Cabin

20150502-120454.jpgI helped Sue 1 choose fabrics for another of these blocks

20150502-120533.jpgJane has started putting her quilt together

20150502-120634.jpgand made the last of the blocks for the next border

20150502-120713.jpgPeggy was making tiny pinwheels

20150502-120749.jpgMarilyn was cutting for her next border

20150502-120820.jpgand by class end had even more

20150502-120901.jpgSue 2 is hand piecing diamonds

20150502-120931.jpgand Lisa is making more of her blocks


Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. the creative heifer says:

    wow – so much amazing work. I love Sue 3’s Green Tea quilt – its great seeing how its coming together. I’m also tempted to try some hexigons and seeing Carole’s quilt is wonderful and is a lovey way to showcase hexis 🙂

  2. Cécile says:

    Well…what can I say in front of gorgeous projects ?
    Bravo ladies !! You made an intense and beautiful work !! You’ re all very talented ! 😉

  3. Kyle says:

    It’s like a quilt show in progress!

  4. Cocopatch says:

    great jolb, ladies!!! love the stars!

  5. Karen Ruta says:

    Everyone’s work is wonderful. I really enjoy your update posts.

  6. Please tell all your students next week that I enjoy seeing their work so much I read your blog on holiday!!

  7. rachaeldaisy says:

    3 cheers for all your clever students, and their teacher of course!

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