A very Millrose weekend – part 3

Bored yet? There’s lots more to come!

Lovely bags were brought along

20150427-151220.jpgother bags were finished

20150427-151251.jpgand others were worked on

20150427-151328.jpgBirds got legs

20150427-151352.jpghexagons were made

20150427-151423.jpgblocks were laid out and suggestions made for joiners and borders

20150427-151500.jpgfabrics purchased

20150427-151759.jpgmore hexagons

20150427-151852.jpgand other paper piecing shapes too

20150427-151929.jpgand more blocks to see

20150427-152022.jpgAnd me? Well I achieved all I wanted to over the weekend.

From the MSG class last year, I wanted to get the four whirligig blocks cut out. I took along just a little bit of fabric for the purpose!

20150427-152157.jpgand cut out blades for all four

20150427-152439.jpgchose three of the four centres

20150427-152509.jpgcut out all 96 B triangles

20150427-152533.jpgand made choices for the 96 C triangles, but think I’ll have to lay out the blocks before making a final decision. The three fabrics at the top are my purchases for the weekend – proud of me??

I also made another “Alice’s Cross” block

20150427-152711.jpgand did a little more appliqué for the “Aunts’ Quilt” – show you when it’s finished.

So all in all, a very productive weekend all ’round! How was your weekend?

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to A very Millrose weekend – part 3

  1. Susan Snooks says:

    I’m surprised you get any sewing done, with all the photography going on! But what, no food photos today! Surely you ate?!

  2. Deb Ianson says:

    Beautiful work girls ..looks like you all had a great weekend ..love seeing all your photos .

  3. Wow, girls that certainly looks like a fun weekend. Quilters really know how to have fun!

  4. It all looks fabulous …… and did I spot a glass of wine?

  5. bermudagirl says:

    Lovely photos Meredithe, thanks for sharing!

  6. rachaeldaisy says:

    Your photos are jam packed with gorgeousness!!

  7. thimbleanna says:

    Wow — what wonderful pictures of some beautiful projects! Are you cutting the whirlygig blocks from templates? I’ve always wanted to do a quilt from that pattern!

  8. Cécile says:

    Wow…..lovely colors with lovely fabrics !!
    Bravo ladies ! Every project is gorgeous !

  9. bermudagirl says:

    OH and Meredithe, how could we be bored??? Love those bags!!! And that Millrose fat quarters wrapped, next to it is a blue and white one. Is that Liberty fabric? Next to it says something. But I wouldn’t have guessed that. Do you have any idea? Oh I want to make hexies! All those scraps I have would be good for em.
    Check you later and happy belated Anzac day, knew it was coming but, with everything going on with reno and flood, sort of missed it!

  10. I notice a Margaret Sampson George ‘margagon’ and some ‘Camelot’ circles from Trish Harpers pattern ! And one of your centres chosen for your whirligigs is Elizabeth, now that is a great choice with a name like mine !!!

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