Squishy parcels

While there’s been other things happening in my life, a succession of squishy parcels have arrived at the doorstep only to be thrown on my sewing table…..gasp!….unopened!!

But that’s ok; I know what I ordered, they’ve arrived, so are in my possession. However, it was lovely this morning to sit down with them and open each one seeing in the flesh what I’d last seen on the screen. It was actually a bit like Christmas! Wanna see??

There were two parcels from Material Obsession’s Fabric Club – yes, these parcels have remained unopened for a loooong time!


20150419-125423.jpgand from Amitie’s Liberty Club

20150419-125541.jpga couple from Cottage Quiltworks

20150419-125651.jpg(I really should stop reading their blog…….but I can’t, I might miss out on something!!)

20150419-125739.jpgincluding this fabulous panel from Studio T Green, an Australian designer, which I just adore

20150419-130028.jpgsome neutrals from Polka Dot Tea

20150419-130209.jpg(I really should stop following them on Instagram, but…..see above!)

20150419-130254.jpgI’ve joined the Treehouse Fabric Club

20150419-130554.jpg(I really should stop talking to GJ, but…..see above!)

and I’ve succumbed and bought a couple of “trimmings” packs from Umbrella Prints and if I can get my act together, might even enter the competition (see the link).

Nice haul, huh? I have SO many ideas and projects in my head, some of which are now on paper, some of which I’ve started gathering fabric for, but which one first, and so many others to finish…….I feel like I’m drowning! Do you ever get that way?

We’re getting a real taste of Winter today, with dark skies, lots of rain, several hail storms, and intermittent sunshine

20150419-131336.jpgPerfect stitching weather, so that’s what I’m off to do. Once I decide which project to tackle first!

What are you up to?

Meredithe x

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11 Responses to Squishy parcels

  1. Carole Minihan says:

    Gorgeous fabrics, and yes a lovely autumn day wit the fire burning and sewing, cannot wait to starthand stitching again

  2. Pip says:

    Even though the sun is out here in Adelaide, it is still cold, time for the winter woolies. I was thinking that it must have been like Christmas opening all the squishies, some lovely fabrics there, I particularly like the ones from Polka Dot Tea. I used to leave opening mine until the weekend or else I would get sidetracked imagining ways to use the fabrics or pulling other fabrics to try.

  3. Nice fabrics in your squishy parcels. I bet your going to enjoy cutting into them when you build up the courage to make the first cut. x

  4. Susan creer says:

    Wow your collection of squishy parcels is amazing. I’m dreaming of the fabric I will see and maybe buy at the quiltmania quilt show in Nantes next Wednesday and Thursday. Haven’t found any quilt shops in Paris so far but there’s always tomorrow

  5. Annie Andrews says:

    Oh what a feast of fabrics, great day for sewing, caught up on some recorded TV, with the heating on, husband is away so fabric everywhere, like you so many ideas but which one to start on.

  6. bermudagirl says:

    Oh I love those turquoise and purple prints from Material Obsession! And those neutrals and with my obsession with turquoise also the turquoise rose floral. Love Treehouse’s website!!
    Thanks for sharing and good luck with your projects!! Sorry you are stuck in winter while we are having such a gorgeous spring.
    Best wishes,

  7. Jan Kerton says:

    What a beautiful deck!

  8. What an amazing haul of fabrics!! I loooove the panel! Grey skies here, with a feel of rain in the air. I’m about to take myself out for lunch, as Malcolm is having a fabulous time on his stained glass course.

  9. Sandi says:

    I love all your fabrics! I will have to visit all the places you mentioned. Could be trouble! 🙂 it’s pouring rain here today so it’s going to be sewing for me too. Hugs,

  10. thimbleanna says:

    Oooh, so many beautiful fabrics! With different clubs, do you ever end up with duplicates? I always feel like I’m drowning. A finish gives me a momentary gasp of air, but then the drowning resumes. I suspect it will be that way until the end LOL!

  11. Kerry says:

    I really must stop following your blog…..but then I would never see any more gorgeous squishy parcels! I’m drowning too. Is it better to concentrate on finishing one thing at a time and get a sense of getting somewhere? or do you just grab your inspirations as they come and run with it? Isn’t it wonderful to be a quilter? Non quilters just don’t get it do they! Enjoy! Qkez

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