Class show and tell


A slight air of chaos reigned at the beginning of this class as half the students prepared themselves to make a block book, three others hand pieced, one more prepped blocks and one poor new student had me showing her the finer points of EPP in between relaying block book instructions!! We all survived and I have the photographic proof.

Firstly, Ellen has returned after a short absence having made lots of stars between work commitments

20150415-173320.jpgand I failed to get pics of the other hand piecers’ work – for which I apologise.

However, we do have four of the six block books to show……




20150415-173548.jpgand Sue 3

20150415-173616.jpgwho put hers to immediate use!

20150415-173644.jpgThe last two just needed another row of stitching, then turning, and hopefully they will turn up next week for their pic!


A much quieter day today; in fact we wondered if anyone was coming as at class start time no-one had arrived! But they soon fronted up, with lots to show you……

Remember the cream and yellow fabrics Carilyn bought two weeks ago? She’s already finished the centre

20150416-155143.jpgand after careful trimming, careful marking and careful cutting, Carilyn basted the border into place, ready to appliqué

20150416-155237.jpg(She also has most of the blocks cut out, so look out for next week’s report!)

We welcomed Cathie back to class, and she showed us her quilt top

20150416-155355.jpgand after trialling a few fabrics

20150416-155433.jpgCathie decided on this gorgeous one

20150416-155522.jpgMarilyn has been out and about in Victoria again, and came across these fabrics, Australian prints, from Patricia Weeks (read about Patricia and her current exhibition by clicking on the link)

20150416-155846.jpgI did like this print…..

20150416-155929.jpgbirds, grey and pink – not very me at all, huh?! And in class Marilyn appliquéd down another hexie border

Fiona has put aside her appliqué for a little while and dug out “Portsmouth”. She’s finished the centre stars

20150416-160205.jpgand has many of the other stars stitched too

20150416-160253.jpgSue 2 was busy stitching up diamonds

20150416-160503.jpgwhile Sue A and I looked out some fabrics to go with this lot for Sue 2’s new project

20150416-160542.jpgand ended up with these

20150416-160621.jpgAfter that foray through the shelves, I didn’t escape unscathed and came home with a little bundle

20150416-160653.jpgto which I think I’ll add mustard, coral and lime……….hmmmmmmm……..

Sue 2 also showed us how she knits. Knits? you ask? Sue is left handed and as a young girl neither her mum nor granny succeeded in showing her how, so Little Miss Determined cleverly taught herself, and instead of turning her work to purl, she just knits into the back of the stitch with the right side facing her



20150416-161429.jpgCan you see what Sue does? Understand? I think I might give it a try! (If I knew how to video and upload I would have – sorry)

We also had an interesting visitor; Trish is making this amazing quilt with tiny, tiny hexies

20150416-161808.jpgapparently there are 9,000 odd hexies in this quilt!! Rather her than me!

Meredithe x

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11 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. My goodnes thee is so much fabulous work here that I don’t know where to start with the compiments! Carilyn’s block is super – what a difference it made when the border was added. Fiona’s stars are so precise …. and no, I wouldn’t want to do a quilt with so many tiny hexies. Lots of gorgreous fabrics – yes, I would have picked the grey and pink one with the birds too (sorry, Miss Helen!).
    What a funny way to knit, but well done to Sue 2 for teaching herself!

  2. Karen says:

    What a showcase of wonderful work..interesting to read about left handed knitting..I have never considered how tricky this could be.

  3. Cécile says:

    I’m glad you’re back on your blog for our great plaesure !!
    And wow…….what beauties…..every project is gorgeous ! Bravo ladies !

  4. Kelly says:

    Carolyn’s fussy cutting is spectacular! The blue border Marilyn choose will really add a pop! I am also left handed and eventually my aunt was able to teach me to knit after my mother had given up! I turned the whole thing around to knit purl. Sue’s approach is a creative response! And I love your fabrics. I wish I was closer so I could stroke all the lovely things.

  5. thimbleanna says:

    Wow! What beautiful work! You guys have the most amazing fabrics down there — I’m always intrigued by the fabric combinations that are so pretty! And fun to see a left-handed knitter — it gets the job done!!!

  6. Even though your class was slow to start you certainly made up time with such a large number of interesting projects. I really like your little purchase of fabric and the colours that you would like to introduce, sounds very interesting.

  7. Lona says:

    Wow- your post just goes to show that you don’t have to look very far for inspiration! I love the hexie projects. Just curious, is the flower block with the stem being made out of green print, a future Jen Kingwell project! Love your blog!

  8. audrey says:

    So much inspiration! Wow! Love that yellow and cream especially. I am besotted.:)

  9. Judy Beck says:

    Meredith, so very glad to see you are back to have a morning cuppa with all of us and hope that all is better now with your family. I would love to know what quilt that Cathie is working on with all the hour glass blocks and small medallion in the center. The blue wavy stripe is great with the blocks. Judy

  10. Carole Minihan says:

    Carolyns work is lovely

  11. bermudagirl says:

    Hi Meredithe, Wow absolutely adore the block books, what a clever idea!!! I need one of those right now with that boring quilt I am doing. The one for my hubby. Don’t want to see them all over my sewing room, unless in use! Lovely little bundle there. I would love to learn to knit!!! I keep getting signs!! What is it with you creative people!

    Spring greetings from Switzerland!

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