Some goodies

I’ve done a little shopping of late, visiting Sewn and Quilted to purchase these goodies.

20150401-164329.jpgA fat quarter pack of the latest from Cotton + Steel, and two books; the 1718 Coverlet I’ve had my eye on for some time, and Chuck Nohara’s 2001 block book. I was recently made very welcome as the guest speaker for the Essendon Quilters guild and treated myself to Chuck Nohara’s book. There are so many beautiful blocks in both of these books and, as I’ve discovered, a few on-line groups making both!

Have you splashed out on a favourite book or fabric line lately?

Meredithe x

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9 Responses to Some goodies

  1. Quilter 501 says:

    Lovely purchases…I am so in love with the 2001 blocks. Did you really find a group online doing both…I would love to know what the are, …and in the continuing saga of the golfer…..climbed up a ladder with his sprained ankle…fell off the roof, knocked himself out falling eight feet on the deck….and further delaying his return to golf!!!! Trying to talk mr. Lucky into taking up knitting!

  2. Suz says:

    I love Jen Kingwell’s book “Quilt Lovely”- lots of wonderful projects in there! And I have some fabulous “Lighthearted” fabric waiting for me to cut into it- if I dare!

  3. Ali Fergusson says:

    Hi Meredithe
    Great choices – I have purchased the 1812 Coverlet book though not sure if I will use solids or not ? have you decided ?
    I also purchased Jen Kingwell’s Quilt Lovely book which is full of possibilities.
    As usual there is never enough time but how wonderful to have new pattern options and fresh inspiration……
    best wishes

  4. Fabulous purchases! The last book I bought was a sashiko one – using the traditional patterns for useful items (so that made the to-do list even longer!)

  5. Cécile says:

    Hello M !
    Great purchases ! The last book I’ve bought was “Millefiori Quilts 1″…love it !
    Do you know the blog “Butterfly Threads” ? She is making the 1718 Coverlet !!
    Have a nice day ! 😉

  6. treadlemusic says:

    No new books here (the last was Wendy Sheppard’s book “Recreating Antique Quilts” last Fall). Yours look like there are many ideas in them which gives so much versatility!!!! Always fun to have others doing the same ones!

  7. do I want one of those books? Yes…do I need one ……. too many projects already…so little time…. what a wonderful place to be.

  8. thimbleanna says:

    I ordered Chuck two weeks ago and it STILL isn’t here — I’m getting desperate LOL. Are you going to upChuck on IG??? ;-D

  9. rachaeldaisy says:

    That Chuck Nohara book is one of my very, very favourites, I’ve had my copy for a few years and every time I look through it I find new fabulous blocks i want to make.

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