Eliott Stitchers

Before getting to Eliotts this week, I called in to see Jan K and was rewarded with a viewing of her students’ work, which I’ve been given permission to share with you. Prepare to be stunned!

There’s an elephant who’s soon to be floating in a balloon

20150401-171143.jpga sweet little birdie in the making

20150401-171207.jpganother getting some embroidered plumage

20150401-171236.jpga finished one among the leaves

20150401-171303.jpgand this aMaZing piece

20150401-171347.jpgisn’t this stunning? He’s so tactile

20150401-171505.jpgand did you see the praying mantis?

20150401-171528.jpgand the baby hedgehog?

20150401-171602.jpgI was blown away by the talent of these ladies!

Meanwhile, at Eliotts………

Miss H has made this lovely quilt for a friend’s birthday

20150401-171732.jpgGJ is cutting out for a very cool Steampunk

20150401-171825.jpgand she’s been busy embroidering for the Quiltmania Mystery Quilt (contact Sewn and Quilted for the kit)

20150401-172026.jpgCarolyn was able to join us and she’s been busy making blocks

20150401-172104.jpgand I worked on my 2nd Aunts’ block

20150401-172131.jpgAnd I just know you want to see what we had for lunch!

20150401-172502.jpgChicken soup, garlic bread, new soup mugs, cute Easter serviettes and, being just before Easter, a chocolate bunny for dessert!

Meredithe x

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14 Responses to Eliott Stitchers

  1. Irene Blanck says:

    Wow – Jan K’s students work is stunning – all kudos to Jan – she’s such a brilliant teacher! And I LOVE your fabrics for your auntie’s quilt – soft and gorgeous – I may have to come take some tips from you on how to do “soft and gorgeous” – because I’m always “bright and …..”

  2. Kelly Callaghan says:

    Who are those amazing embroiderers? I am actually scared of birds but those ones are stunning.I am in awe of their work.

  3. Kyle says:

    Truly some of the most awesome embroidery work I’ve ever seen. Then you Elliot Girls aren’t too shabby yourselves. And, of course, lunch always looks deliciously yummy.

  4. Annie Andrews says:

    Fab embroidery, always intrigued by the food,

  5. Really enjoyed seeing those amazing embroideries! What a great teacher. Looks like you had a nice lunch complete with chocolate bunnies! Wishing you a happy Easter.

  6. Janet says:

    That embroidery is out of this world!! I am amazed and trilled to see your pictures!

  7. The embroidery is stunning – I ooohed and aaaahed as I scrolled through the photos!! The little hedgehog is very cute. Excellent sewing from the Eliott girls – I watched the first three episodes when I was sewing on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed them – I had forgotten all the ins and outs of the plot, really just remembering the clothes from when I watched it way back on tv.
    Drooling over the food, it’s a diet day!!

  8. Cécile says:

    That’s a very delicate and gorgeous embroidery !! Thank you for sharing M !

  9. Lisa says:

    I love your regular updates. And that yellow bird is delicious!

  10. thimbleanna says:

    It looks like another wonderful day Ms. M! And YAY for Aunts’ progress!!!

  11. judy says:

    Superb embroidery, a modern type of stumpwork, sensational, I love the mushrooms and the leaves also, the whole thing was just amazing, thank you for sharing.

  12. Helen F says:

    Simply “gobsmacking”!!!!

  13. Cocopatch says:

    the birds are stunning!! bravo to the embroiderers!!!

  14. rachaeldaisy says:

    What a treat to see all those amazing embroidery projects! I love the fabrics you’ve used for your Aunts block. The Easter themed lunch looks extra sweet.

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