Eliott’s by the sea

GJ invited us to her beach house for Eliott Stitchers last week. I actually went down the evening before and the next morning, being the only one awake, I set off for a walk and a peruse of the neighbourhood, ending up with trying to find the sea. I could hear the waves and knew I should be close with the bent tea tree and sand giving added clues!

20150327-154531.jpgBefore too long I wasn’t just hearing but also seeing the sea

20150327-154617.jpgI stayed for a few minutes watching the waves crash onto the rocks and enjoyed the brisk, bracing sea air.

Back at the beach house, GJ had been shopping at Treehouse

20150327-155105.jpgMiss J joined us with her gorgeous hexagon bag

20150327-155200.jpganother in the making

20150327-155227.jpgand the beginnings of a new quilt after a class with Margaret Sampson George.

20150327-155349.jpgGJ and Chelsea whipped up some home made pizzas, turning these

20150327-155441.jpginto these in a matter of minutes!

20150327-155611.jpgAfter that delicious lunch, Chelsea finished piecing her hexie strips

20150327-155709.jpgI finally finished the first appliqué block for “The Aunts’ Quilt”

20150327-155759.jpgand stitched stems on the second block

20150327-155830.jpgHappy with me Auntie Anna?

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Eliott’s by the sea

  1. Quilter 501 says:

    I can’t think of a more wonderful excursion! Lovely people, seaside, fantastic food, stitching! You must be in heaven! However I am here in rainy land with gimpy, grumpy golfer….just grumpy ole father in law, annoying dog….and as a result GRUMPY ME! Enjoy your slice of peace and piecing! Sigh….some day!!!

  2. Cécile says:

    Congrats for your Aunt’s quilt appliqué !! So amazing….
    What a beautiful place, close to the beach, with just quilters friends and projects !!

  3. treadlemusic says:

    After viewing all of your fab applique photos these many years, sigh….., I’m thinkin’, I will have to get me some of those little applique/double pins and jump right in. Next winter I/we will spend several months in our little Texan place (no Sweet 16!) and hand work will be the perfect answer. Keep those awesome photos coming!!! Love the gnarled tree/sand and sea photo……dreamy!!!

  4. Cardygirl says:

    Just gorgeous!

  5. thimbleanna says:

    YAY!!!!! Great Work Sweet Meredithe!!! I LOVE your pretty little blocks — and how fun to have been able to stitch them by the sea — it all looks so beautiful. I think that second block that you’re working on is my favorite of the six main blocks, so I’m looking forward to seeing yours all done! GREAT WORK — Brownie Points this week!!! ;-D

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