Class show and tell


Carole was the star pupil on Wednesday, having stitched up (by hand) all 14 of the photo blocks during the week

20150327-160600.jpgso we did a layout with the blocks.

20150327-162640.jpgGoing to look good, isn’t it?

Sue 3 has cut out lots of flowers and made lots of stems for her appliqué/pieced corners

20150327-160735.jpgand by the end of class had one flower appliquéd into place

20150327-160811.jpgJenny had her strips sewn together and we cut one off, just to see how it looked!

20150327-160907.jpgand Anne-Marie’s reindeer have/are getting hooves!



Carilyn’s “Farmer’s Wife” blocks are all done!

20150327-161100.jpgShe added in the sashings, cornerstones and setting triangles

20150327-161143.jpgso that it will look like this

20150327-161210.jpg(I won’t be the least bit surprised if it’s all together by next class! No, Carilyn doesn’t sleep!). It’s going to look so good! Carilyn then went back to her “Star a Day” blocks

20150327-161436.jpgSue 1 has finished an appliqué block

20150327-161333.jpgFiona tried her hand at appliquéd leaves, finishing two!

20150327-161535.jpgLisa was making bon-bon blocks

20150327-161649.jpgNanette is stitching more log cabins

20150327-161737.jpgLorraine’s hexies are progressing

20150327-161813.jpgJosephine started cutting out six pointed stars

20150327-161846.jpgfinishing one in class

20150327-161918.jpgand Josephine brought in a home made, light as air, delicious baked cheesecake for morning tea

20150327-161959.jpgShe can come again!

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Suz says:

    I’m loving all the yellow that seems to be around in quilts lately! I love Sue’s applique! The background fabric is fabulous!

  2. Kerry says:

    ….and I’m loving the look of the yellow cheesecake! Yum!

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Sue’s flower appliques are wonderful (almost enough to get ME going!!!!….almost….) and the reindeer (even w/o hooves!!!) are super cute!! That whole crew is amazing (yes, I love Fiona’s flowers, too! I am definitely ready for Spring to get here—if the 9″ of snow would just leave!!!!!!)! AND THEN there’s that cheesecake………….nothing more to be said!!! Once again, thank you for inspiring us all!!!!!

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