Japanese exhibition

Do you ever feel life is slightly out of control? On a roller coaster that keeps running endlessly on its rails? Life’s been a bit like that this week but I’m taking this spare hour to try to start catching up on my posts.

This time last week I’d been enjoying a beautiful exhibition called “Loving Indigo – the world of Shigeko Asada“. This remarkable woman created 50 large quilts and a number of small ones during the last 8 years of her life, while battling cancer. My friends and I were fortunate enough to have a personalised tour of the quilts with the organiser of this exhibition, the gorgeous Jacinta, who talked us through the meaning and techniques used in each of the quilts; it was wonderful to share in Jacinta’s knowledge.

I only had my phone with me, so some of the pics aren’t fabulous, but here’s a sampling of what we saw::

The roofs on the houses remind me up upturned rice bowls; these are women’s work pants; I love the bottom left hand lanterns turned on their sides; this is a warrior banner, with a family crest in the top left corner

20150327-141928.jpgthe sashiko stitching on this quilt is wonderful; another family crest; part of a scene from the quilter’s home town; a Buddhist saying is contained in this centre panel

20150327-142140.jpga traditional umbrella dance; made in part from the lining of happi coats, with the triangle pattern representing snake scales to protect against evil; the shape of the cherry blossom is so evocative of Japan; a traditional Japanese pattern

20150327-142252.jpgmore beautiful Sashiko work; pieces of indigo cloth; memories of childhood; playing with indigo-dyed cloth

20150327-142341.jpgTwo corners of the room displayed the beauty of this current season

20150327-142523.jpgSome of the backs were as intriguing as the fronts

20150327-142642.jpgThese little fish are so cute

20150327-142818.jpgShigeko Asada’s friends helped search out all the different fabrics used in this tea cup quilt

20150327-143028.jpgThe last two quilts contained prayers, both for herself and her husband who died suddenly just months before Shigeko; I didn’t photograph these as I felt they were too personal. We were very touched by the whole display and marvelled at the amount of work achieved by one woman, and all by hand.

Before going into the exhibition we did avail ourselves of the Millrose hospitality

20150327-143445.jpgand after we took the short drive to Ballarat to visit The Crafty Squirrel, thoroughly enjoying Morgan’s displays of her eclectic wares.

20150327-143723.jpganyone for a pencil?

A delightful day, giving us pause for thought, a treat for the senses and an urge to quilt.

Meredithe x

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13 Responses to Japanese exhibition

  1. Helen F says:

    That was the most “AMAZING”!!!!! quilt display I have ever seen!!!! Soooo personal and moving! Very inspirational about what I am going to do with my lumpy fabric! Jacinta was gorgeous and it wouldn’t have meant the same without her personal narrative on each quilt as she new Shigeko intermittently. And a good old laugh down memory lane at squirrels !! great day M only one thing missing starting with a “K”!! x

  2. Helen F says:

    goose I meant to say intimately!!! (been typing “intermittently” all arvo – sorry its Friday and my brain is tired!!!)

  3. Helen F says:

    PPS – photos came up well considering it was your phone!

  4. Glenda says:

    U didn’t tell me u went to crafty squirrel !!!
    Keeping that a secret!!!
    Sorry I missed the exhibition , but loved your review.
    Jacinta truly is an angel !

  5. The quilts are stunning – I liked the one with the little fish best!
    Food gorgeous as always, and Mrs Mac will be even more “poopy” now, when she sees your excellent review!
    have a great weekend!!

  6. Cécile says:

    Awesome quilts……lucky you !!!

  7. Barb Vedder says:

    beautiful quilts displayed!! thanks for sharing. i love that pink backing.

  8. Kyle says:

    What an inspiring and moving quilt show. Each quilt was gorgeous and had a wonderful story. Thank you sharing. And I hope it helped you endure your roller coaster rides.

  9. Deb Burville says:

    Thanks for sharing, the quilts are truley inspirational!

  10. Carole Minihan says:

    Wonderful quilts, lucky you.

  11. Pip says:

    I love the Japanese indigo quilts, extremely envious that you were able to see them all, and extremely grateful that you took all those photos to share with us.

  12. bermudagirl says:

    Hi Meredithe, what a wonderful exhibit, you are so lucky to be able to have seen in, thanks so much for sharing. Love the quilting on the clam shells. That quilt with the cherry blossoms is exquisite. And those little fish and tea cups, lovely. What a cute store too. Looks like a memorable day! Hope you have been able to catch your breath and sit down with some meditative sewing.
    Best wishes,

  13. Chookyblue says:

    Oh wow…………so pleased I found your post on this display……………I saw one other post about the quilts and they are beautiful……….I have just started some sashiko and loving doing it……….just a runner at this stage but I am planning another project…………thankyou for sharing…….

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