Bits and pieces

:: Last week, The Golfer and I spent a day in town. One of the things on the to-do list was to drop off poppies for the 5000 Poppies Project in dedication to our grandfathers who fought in WWI.

20150317-094236.jpgThis is an amazing project; if you click on the link above you can read all about it, but briefly, two women, Lynn and Marg, wanted to gather 5000 poppies for this commemoration Anzac Day and worried that they wouldn’t reach that target. They now have a staggering 225,762 poppies!! These poppies are being made into a “carpet” expected to cover 800 square metres. With enough poppies gathered for their project, they are encouraging people to yarn bomb their own localities in time for Anzac Day. Such an amazing project!

:: Do any of you remember the chair that I rescued from a nature strip collection?

20150317-095011.jpgI recovered the seat fairly promptly

20150317-095047.jpgbut painting the wood work has taken just a little longer. It’s now done.

20150317-095143.jpgI’m very pleased with the result and it’s taken pride of place in my (very messy – hence no in-situ photo!) sewing room.

:: I’ve been doing some Secret Women’s Business sewing. These bags will be for sale on the Boutique TradingTable at the MSG event next weekend.

20150319-161143.jpgSo if you want to snaffle one, see details here; proceeds go to Beyond Blue.

:: Don’t forget the Japanese Quilt exhibition on at Millrose this weekend. If you’re anywhere in Victoria, make the effort to go as it’s well worth it!

20150321-092826.jpgAbout 30 beautiful quilts to view, each with a story. I visited yesterday and will have a report for interstate/international readers next week.

Meredithe x

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14 Responses to Bits and pieces

  1. Six says:

    i wish I’d known about the poppy project sooner. It looks like it will be a wonderful tribute! And your chair makes me want to re-do one I have! Yours looks fantastic! Enjoy the sunshine today!

  2. What a great transformation on the chair. You did a wonderful job.

  3. the creative heifer says:

    The poppies are beautiful. What a wonderful project to be involved with x

  4. Carole Minihan says:

    Chair amazing, poppies I watched the story on TV, the poppies are amazing, I will make for my Dads’ grave on Anzac Day

  5. mandymunroe says:

    I love your chair! Lovely to see your poppies too, amazing project.

  6. Cécile says:

    The new look of the chair is a success ! Bravo !
    Congrats for the bags ! They are all cute !

  7. Tina Sanders says:

    Oh I love your chair !!! It turned out so lovely 🙂

  8. rachaeldaisy says:

    I love your poppies!! I hadn’t heard of the project so popped over to have a look, what a wonderful project, it’s great that so many people have contributed. Your chair is gorgeous, perfect colour and fun fabric choice. I’ve got a little group of found chairs waiting for attention, one day…

  9. lyn lindsay says:

    Wonderful result re the poppies we always come through, just great.
    The chair looks great a good rescue, just got be creative and voila! new lease of life.
    Bags are great as well, go girl!

  10. The chair looks great M and so do all the bags Well done..

  11. Carole says:

    Just catching up on some blog reading and now kicking myself for missing the Japanese quilt exhibition!!! Great job on the poppies, bags and chair.

  12. Maree says:

    Chair looks fabulous ,love the paint colour .xx

  13. thimbleanna says:

    Love the chair and the bags! And why did I think you already had Anzac day? What a wonderful response to their call for poppies!!!

  14. What a wonderful response to the poppy project! Love the bags and adore the chair!!

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