March Auntlets’ Report

Oops! Sunday was the 15th of the month which means it’s time for an Auntlets Report.

Sadly this Auntlet has let down the side………this is all I have to show for this month

20150317-093631.jpgIt’s called “Contemplating Fabric for the Next Appliqué Block”!!

Guess I know what I’ll be stitching for the next few sewing days out!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to March Auntlets’ Report

  1. Vreni says:

    I haven’t been much better either but I also hope to get stitching during the next few days. Lovely fabrics by the way.

  2. rachaeldaisy says:

    That is such a fabulous stack of fabric!! Have fun contemplating.

  3. suzi says:

    Enjoy contemplating… love those fabrics especially the top green one with daisies.

  4. I of course am feeling very smug for having my blocks done – but I had best get on with the next ones and not rest on my laurels!!

  5. Cécile says:

    Time is running so fast !!
    Lovely fabrics ! ^^

  6. thimbleanna says:

    Meridithe!!! I might have to give you a time out LOL!!! After a little investigation, I’ve determined it’s because you’ve been sl*ttin’ around with that Steampunk and dragging out old projects. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Hahaha. Well, we have to do what we have to do. And at least it looks like you’re having fun doing it. Wait. I didn’t say that. Get Back to Work!!! ;-P

  7. Deb Burville says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk! and you did’nt make to the monday ya ya’s either!

  8. Helen F says:

    Nice choice of fabrics M – sorry I have been quiet too busy at work – one short!!!!

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