Class show and tell

I’ve been a bit slack with posts this week, for which I apologise. Life has been filled with the mundane and domestic; necessary but un-blog-worthy!

However, there was class both days, so I have some very blog-worthy pics from my students.


Sue 3 has more blocks for “Green Beans”

20150315-114219.jpgand she started on the corners of her appliqué quilt

20150315-114252.jpgCarole was hand sewing these pretty blocks

20150315-114328.jpgPearl was cutting, cutting, cutting sashings and cornerstones

20150315-114408.jpgDeirdre is happily quilting

20150315-114442.jpgand Jenny is having fun with strip sewing.



Carylin has been unwell for three weeks…….really unwell, as this has been her output for that time

20150315-114632.jpgThat’s usually three days worth! Thankfully she’s feeling better and we’re expecting lots this week.

Lorraine has been having fun with a 60 degree triangle

20150315-114755.jpgMarilyn has one border set out

and the four corners made

20150315-114918.jpgJane spent the week cutting

20150315-114951.jpgSue 1 has finished two more blocks for her “Green Beans”

20150315-115032.jpgLisa has numbered all her blocks for “Galaxy” and is gradually putting them together

20150315-115104.jpgand she stitched up this star in class

20150315-115129.jpgand Josephine started on a layout with her stars…….

20150315-115202.jpgand realised she needs quite a few more!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Cécile says:

    What a great show and tell !! Thank you for sharing M !
    And bravo ladies for your beautiful works !!! 😉

  2. Cocopatch says:

    The Lorraine’s quilt is amazing!

  3. rachaeldaisy says:

    Quilters are so lucky that we have gorgeous fabrics and wonderful sewing to add colour to the mundane and necessary in our lives. Thanks for all the wonderful show and tell!!

  4. Another amazing show and tell. The vote this week has to go to Lorraine, for her very clever use of fabric!!

  5. Linda Dutch says:

    I’m just loving your weekly ‘show & tells’! I enjoy seeing the variety of projects, the use of colour & fabrics… I am particularly interested in Sue1&3 and their GT&SB progress! Linda

  6. They all look amazing! I love all the colours and designs!

  7. Carole Minihan says:

    Sue 1 fabric, is gorgeous

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