The suburban idyll!

My goodness it’s noisy here at p and c this morning!

We were woken first thing by a flock of corellas who had come to feast on our back door neighbours’ tree

20150310-101553.jpgthen the workers arrived at the block next door, along with a cement truck. I think every tradie must be on site today as there are saws, sanders, hammers, nail guns and at least three different languages being spoken along side the ubiquitous radio blaring so-called music (am I getting old??).

Plus there’s two trucks, one with a trailer for the digger, which appears to be digging the nature strip for some cabling. With all these tradies, our small street looks more like a car park and I’m just a tad concerned about how to get our car out of our driveway and into the street!

To top it off we have our own Mr Fix-it working on some much awaited jobs – yippee!! – and The Golfer has just mown the lawns and is now using the wipper-snipper. Arghhhhhhhh! Oh, and I have the washing machine going!

So I’m going to try some zen; concentrate on talking, quietly, with you and enjoying the photos I want to show you.

20150310-102502.jpgIt was with a bit of a shock a couple of weeks ago that I realised the sun was much lower in the sky as I set off for my morning walk, and the evenings are drawing in; no more long languid sunsets. Now, here we are, already into the second week of March, which is officially Autumn. While I loathe the heat of Summer, I feel I’ve been gypped this year; it had been predicted that it would be a long, hot Summer, but here in Melbourne we’ve had so many cool and overcast days that it feels like Summer has passed us by. Those north of the Great Divide are probably grateful to see the end of heat and endless sunshine, though!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon out with Cousin S. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and my phone battery was flat, so couldnt take any pics to share with you of her gorgeous garden. Grrrr! I shall just have to visit again, as Cousin S suggested. I was, however, the recipient of one of Cousin S’s beautiful bird baths that she’s been making.

20150310-102841.jpgIsn’t it just lovely?

As I watered the garden this morning, trying to block out the cacophony, I marvelled at the spiral effect of the new hydrangea leaves

20150310-103115.jpgthe colour and multitude of flowers on the cigar plant

20150310-103145.jpgand I was delighted to see we have four flowers on the pink camellia…….already?

20150310-105441.jpgAnd the little one next to it, that I’ve nursed through the last couple of Summers, finally has some buds……

20150310-103639.jpgI’m so thrilled!

Hope you’re enjoying a quieter day than I!

Much love
Meredithe x

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6 Responses to The suburban idyll!

  1. Kyle says:

    Isn’t it funny how sometimes all those noises that surround us can be so annoying and distracting and other times we barely notice them. Hope your day got smoothed out. I enjoyed see how your garden continues to grow.

  2. bermudagirl says:

    Wow I love that little peek at your basket quilt! I’ve said so before probably but I love it!! Wish I could do this one!! I guess you don’t remember the pattern you used. It looks so antique, love the fabrics and the pastels, the Camelia is lovely too!

  3. We have a building site next to us at the moment too – not too noisy yet, but a lot of mud on the road!
    We keep being promised lovely spring weather by the forecasters, but it never arrives ……. it is supposed to be sunny this afternoon, which is good, except it will show up the filthy windows!!

  4. Cécile says:

    I’ve got the solution : earplugs !! ^^
    Gorgeous flowers…thank you for the photos !

  5. thimbleanna says:

    It’s so much more fun to read your posts now that I’ve experienced some of what you talk about — I would never have imagined Corellas as loud as they are if I hadn’t heard them while I was there. But, one little detail I missed — where is the great divide of which you speak? I hope peace and quiet will return to your world soon!

  6. Cardygirl says:

    Great pics….hope the day quiet ended down a bit!

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