Class show and tell

I love birthdays! Even though my birthday was a week ago, celebrations in the form of cake and good wishes abounded in both classes – thank you girls!


Sue 3 has her orange peel blocks made

20150305-175908.jpgand she played with the arrangement for her clam shell piece

20150305-180047.jpg(Sue also brought in the cake – thanks Sue!)

Adrienne almost has one side of pyramids stitched

20150305-180155.jpgJenny has finished her first, ever quilt!

20150305-180239.jpgIt had been hanging around for 25 a number of years, and Jenny’s so excited to have it finished and she can move on to these blocks

20150305-180402.jpg(Promise not to tell, but Deirdre had a little oops on her quilt, which we quickly fixed with an appliquéd diamond!)

20150305-180502.jpgLois cut sashing strips

20150305-180539.jpgand Pearl stitched miles and miles of sashing pieces

20150305-180627.jpgwhile Ellen completed her first ever hand pieced block, and is well under way with another.

20150305-180721.jpgLeigh was working in the shop on Wednesday, and she had some show and tell too; Leigh’s first grand child is expected and she’s made this baby blanket

20150305-180951.jpgand this little quilt top

20150305-181014.jpgAnd here’s what you’ve been waiting for…….fruit flan!



Lorraine is also going to be a grandmother (again), and is making this baby quilt

20150305-181316.jpgwhich she brought along in this bag

20150305-181358.jpgSue 1 was wearing groovy shoes!

20150305-181427.jpgthe sight of which prompted Sue Ambrose’s sage advice “life’s too short to wear bad shoes”. Love it!

Chris is working steadily through these blocks

20150305-181814.jpgMarilyn finished the last of her hexagons

20150305-181859.jpgJane has more stars made

20150305-181937.jpgand Fiona is gradually getting her appliqué pieces in position

20150305-182052.jpgI had a little splurge, with this fabulous bee fabric that Karen has in stock, along with some other fabrics from a new range called “Letters Home”

20150305-182722.jpgAnd the cake on Thursday? Pear and almond…..

20150305-182758.jpgwith just a little dollop of cream! Thanks Karen!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Susan Snooks says:

    Love Sue 3’s clamshells and orange peel blocks!

  2. treadlemusic says:

    Again…….I canNOT choose a fave!!!! Well, ok……….how ’bout that pear/almond w/ whipped cream dessert!!!!????!!!!! Hehehehe!!!!!

  3. I really like your Bee fabric, what a great find with such a nice design and colour range. I look forward to seeing what appears from it.

  4. Mary says:

    I love that tiny diamond. I think that would make a great quilt, too, if you made a quilt using diamonds and then added the tiny ones on all the same junctions. Can’t you just see it in Amish colors with the tiny diamonds added? Those desserts could make me drool – it’s a good thing I don’t have a Scratch ‘n Sniff screen.

  5. Cécile says:

    As usually, lovely projects but I have the impression that the colors have changed…. The end of summer ?? 😦
    Enjoy ladies……

  6. Wonderful cakes – yes, birthdays are great when they last for days on end!!
    I love the shoes, and there is so much wonderful stitching, I couldn’t pick out a favourite!!

  7. Annie Gunn says:

    A message for Sue. I am currently doing Messge in a Bottle and have been watching her progress. Today i have joined all of the blocks and now making up all of the borders with the orange peels and plain blocks with dot centres. Had my doubts that it would all come together, but it did. My friend has just completed hers. Ours ate done in very bright colours.Would be happy to send sue a photo of our completed ones if she woukd like to make contact.

    Love your website, so informative and always up to date!


  8. rachaeldaisy says:

    Everything is as gorgeous as always. Well done to Jenny for finishing her first quilt, I wonder how long it will take to finish the next. Clever little cover-ups add a special little bit of magic to a quilt. That fruit flan is a work of art in itself.

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