At the Kettles

The Golfer and I have had a flying visit to The Kettles, helping them out with a few bit and pieces. It’s terribly dry around central Victoria, that real end of Summer, thirsty ground, tired plants, beige hillsides against brilliant blue skies look. Ma Kettle tells me they haven’t had a day under 30 degrees since 4 February, and the storms/rain seems to skirt around them.

They have managed to keep some flowers and plants alive with judicious waterings, like these plants around the back garden….

20150224-115106.jpgand these in the undercover area…..

20150224-115217.jpgTheir lemon tree is still producing

20150224-115247.jpgeven if Pa Kettle’s tomato plants are on their last legs

20150224-115320.jpgbut look at what they have yielded

20150224-115350.jpg(and we have some to bring home with us!)

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to At the Kettles

  1. Helen F says:

    Kettles garden gorgeous as always!!!! Making fresh pasta sauce with the tomatoes????? x

  2. I can’t imagine living with that heat day after day! Give your Mum and Dad my love, and tell them I wish I could send them some of the heavy rain showers we are having!

  3. Cécile says:

    What a gorgeous garden !! Congratulations to your parents M !
    The lemon tree appreciates hot températures no ? In Provence, we have olive-trees and they need some hot températures too to have lots of fruits (olives).

  4. treadlemusic says:

    Lovely all!!! As we hope for a “balmy” 30F today with a low tonight of 2F (much better than the minus double digits we’ve been experiencing with blustery winds!!!). Your photos are warm and wonderful and I do hope there’s a little rain in their future!!!!

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