Class show and tell


Sue 3 has been busy stitching up blocks

20150219-165620.jpgand cut out another in class

20150219-165652.jpgDeirdre spent the morning crawling on hands and knees, basting this quilt ready for a hand quilting lesson next week

20150219-165759.jpgJenny was hand stitching down her binding, learning how to turn corners

20150219-165912.jpgCarole was collecting lemons along with her log cabin blocks

20150219-165954.jpgand Lois was trimming ready to sew these strips together


Marilyn is going hexagon crazy

20150219-170150.jpgJosephine has whipped up these stars on her machine

20150219-170223.jpgwe auditioned a few fabrics for the joiner and decided on this one

20150219-170304.jpgSue 2 has her hexagons set on her background

20150219-170345.jpgshe then made Swiss cheese out of her fabric

20150219-170421.jpgto make this beautiful wreath around the hexies

20150219-170515.jpgSue 1 has finished her orange peel blocks

20150219-170555.jpgCarilyn brought in her finished quilt for us to peruse

20150219-170642.jpgand she’s loving having it on her bed. She’s made lots of borders for the mystery quilt

20150219-170711.jpgAND lots more “Farmers’s Wife” blocks

20150219-170758.jpgand Fiona was having some appliqué fun, using these special scissors which were her grandmother’s.

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Such admiration for all the beautiful stitching on display.

  2. Kyle says:

    Beautiful colors and wonderful designs. You must come home floating on a cloud, so to speak!

  3. Cécile says:

    Here is an explosion of colors !! Congrats ladies !!
    May I asked a question please ? what is the name of Sue2 ‘ s fabric for the fussing cutting appliqué ? Thank you 😉

  4. audrey says:

    So much inspiration! I don’t know how you do it time after time.:)

  5. You have such wonderful, talented students in your classes (and of course they have a fabulous, talented teacher!!)

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