Summer Sewjourn – part 3

Apparently the band from Saturday night played (loudly) until 1.00 – I didn’t hear a thing! Apparently after the band stopped, the local hooligans hooned and wheelied up and down the street outside (for a long time) – I didn’t hear a thing! I slept through the lot! This quilting thing is exhausting, isn’t it?

The sun was ablaze from early morning and the air grew hotter as it rose over the horizon, promising a scorching day. Just the sort of weather to bring out, for it’s one day showing, a cactus flower.

20150217-170832.jpgThe flower was huge, at least entree plate size, and the petals reminded me of feathers; soft, delicate and a brilliant white

20150217-170933.jpgand just look at that centre

20150217-171006.jpgIt demanded viewing every time anyone passed it; simply spectacular and all the more so for only being out for a single day. We were so fortunate to be there on the day to marvel in wonder and enjoy its beauty.

Some took full advantage of the sun (in new shoes!)

20150217-171207.jpgbut I much preferred the air conditioned studio!

Jan had spent the previous evening cutting up her Drunkards Path pieces and had them up on the design wall

20150217-171325.jpgLovely, but could be lovelier, so……..we had a little play

20150217-171425.jpgand Jan decided on this – now it’s going to be stunning!

20150217-171506.jpgI finished piecing the last of the Steampunk blocks

20150217-171556.jpgjust a dozen centres to appliqué on now. I also cut out some more hexies for one of Judy’s bags

20150217-171656.jpgGJ whipped up a linen version of this bag, in about 1/2 hour!

20150217-171739.jpgI love the linen, and here’s the inside

20150217-171913.jpgGJ also pieced and prepped this block for Sewn and Quilted who are the Australian shop for kits for this new mystery quilt from Quiltmania.

20150217-173604.jpgShe also has three appliqué blocks prepped, and one pieced for The Aunts’ Quilt

20150217-172311.jpgand clever Miss H machined pieced all her blocks over the weekend!!

20150217-172555.jpgand here are her two appliqué blocks

20150217-172732.jpgAmanda hand pieced a star

20150217-172807.jpgand Miss F was appliquéing down her Dresden Plates

<a href="”>20150217-172856.jpgGosh we were a productive bunch, weren’t we?!

That’s it from these gorgeous ladies………’till next year, Valentines weekend……….

Hope you had a fabulous weekend too.

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Summer Sewjourn – part 3

  1. Annie Andrews says:

    Wow what a very productive few days, love the MSG and your Steaming with the punks it’s going to be fab, aren’t we such lucky women that we can spend really good time together.

  2. Cécile says:

    Very productive like bees !! :))
    love the combination between orange/green/yellow of Jan’s quilt……

  3. How brilliant to be there to see the cactus flower! Lots of wonderful sewing – I love Judy’s bag done in linen (hmmm, I think I have some lovely linens in my stash!!) Well done on the Steam Punk progress. The sun is shining this morning in Berwick – there was a beautiful sunrise. We’ll be heading back home soon – back to food shopping, laundry etc ………

  4. Barb Vedder says:

    thanks for sharing the beautiful projects! love the Aunts quilt blocks!

  5. treadlemusic says:

    That cactus flower is amazing!!!!! As are all the pieces you gals prepped!!!! The Drunkard’s Path (final arrangement) is stunning! The little linen bag is glorious (but then anything in linen has so much elegance, hmmmmm???). We, here in this hemisphere, are anxiously awaiting our turn at the warmer weather…….seems not to be too soon, though!!!! Thanks so much for the warm post!!!!

  6. Helen F says:

    Luuuuv cactus flowers!!!! how special to see that!! J’s quilt looks fantastic on design wall. All quilts looking good! Julie from work wants to buy Glenda’s bag er “HAS” to have Glenda’s bag!!!!!!

  7. Carole Minihan says:

    Oh how clever you all are, so talented thank you for sharing

  8. thimbleanna says:

    Wow — look at all those beautiful projects — you lucky, lucky girls to be able to sew together! Of course, I’m partial to the Aunts’ progress — Well Done to ALL of you!!!

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