Class show and tell

Classes started back this week, with all my students ready and raring to go for another year of stitching!


Sue 3 has started on her “Green Beans” quilt

20150206-094943.jpgsuch sweet blocks

20150206-095015.jpgand Sue has made great progress with her appliqué quilt

20150206-095059.jpgAdrienne is going well with her Mrs B pyramids

20150206-095150.jpgPearl was churning out half square triangles

20150206-095220.jpgDeirdre was stitching up more braid to use in the corners of her borders

20150206-095306.jpgand we had a new student, Ellen, who ventured into the waters of hand piecing

20150206-095345.jpgand came out floating happily on the surface!


Peggy had a lovely parcel awaiting her – the Log Cabin quilt is quilted!

20150206-095457.jpgThe quilting looks so good

20150206-095619.jpgJosephine was another parcel recipient

20150206-095659.jpgand she too is delighted with the quilt and the quilting

20150206-095736.jpgCarilyn participated in Karen’s Summer School and made great strides with the “Mystery Quilt” on offer

20150206-095859.jpg(which I understand is going to be a pattern before too long!)

Jane spent the Summer break cutting out lots of stars

20150206-095955.jpgJosephine embarked on a new quilt

20150206-100027.jpgSue 1 had a productive Summer too and made this clamshell block

20150206-100111.jpgFiona is a new member of this class and had us all enthralled with her 1/2″ hexie quilt



20150206-100235.jpgamazing, isn’t it?

Lisa attended Summer School too

20150206-100330.jpgand is busy making the setting triangles for her star quilt

20150206-100417.jpgLorraine is working on her paper pieced hexagons

20150206-100448.jpgNanette started a log cabin quilt this week

20150206-100528.jpgChris has made some more stars

20150206-100600.jpgand there was a little bit of bag envy too!


20150206-100651.jpgAs I walked back to my car, a man a few doors down from the shop on a mini fork lift manoeuvring crates asked me if I’d just come from “playing at rug hooking”! I laughed and replied that yes, I had. It’s was a great couple of days of “rug hooking”!

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Quilter 501 says:

    Oh such beauties and inspiration!!! So jealous of your group and common loves and talents! I keep plugging along in the midst of freezing temperatures, snow, ice and winter isolation……roads too dangerous to get out to visit friends!! Of course, no one really lives close! But my poor golfer could stand it no more…….jumped in his truck and drove over 900 miles to San jose ca to play a weekend of golf with his brother in law! Roads outside of Washington were going to be okay…and temps there were to be great! However when he arrived, he felt chills the first night and spent his week in the stay and play hotel sick as a dog with the flu. After a couple of days he decided he wasn’t going to get better quickly and didn’t want to pay those prices without the ability to play golf… drove home without ever getting a club out of his bag or even seeing his brother in law!!! Now HE REALLY is depressed!

    Carrolyn v, NE Washington state

  2. Carole Minihan says:

    Class work just lovely, missed coming hoping next week I will be able to drive, so hope to see you then

  3. Deirdre says:

    I remember my Aunty Stella rug hooking! It was a LONG time ago & I don’t think it could have been as much fun as we have!

  4. Jan says:

    Wow – what productive students – must be the good teacher! The hexie quilt is AMAZING!

  5. Chris Walker says:

    Thanks for sharing,loved everyone’s projects and what a great collection Josephine has pulled looking forward to see what quilt project she plans for the Blues! I love your Blog! Always a surprise and something to inspire one!

  6. Cécile says:

    What a stunning show and tell !! Oh yessssss….classes are back for our great pleasure !!
    BRAVO ladies !!

  7. thimbleanna says:

    Wow — that’s some ah-mazing rug hooking LOL! They’re all such pretty projects but I especially love the pinwheels in the first picture and that little hexagon — wow!

  8. Cocopatch says:

    amazing class!! styles differents but so cute!

  9. Wow, it must be so exciting and rewarding seeing your students’ projects evolve. They’re all such different styles and colour pallets – your work-room must be a feast of colourful loveliness. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

  10. rachaeldaisy says:

    Rug Hooking!! That’s so funny!! I find people call quilting “Tapestry”. All these quilts and blocks are so beautiful!! I love the variety of projects and colour/fabric choices.

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