At long last!

For the longest time, Judy and I have been wanting to get together for a sewing day, and yesterday it finally happened!

Judy brought along some of her friends, and I some of mine to GJ’s, who kindly provided the venue, and much chatter, merriment and fun ensued, along with a little food and sewing…..

Delicious sandwiches

20150203-113554.jpgscrumptious afters

20150203-113616.jpga viewing of delicate supper cloths and gorgeous crockery

20150203-113658.jpgthen it was on with the stitching.

20150203-113729.jpgand the highlight of the day was seeing Judy’s latest quilt “Alice in Liberty Land

20150203-113825.jpgIsn’t it delightful?! There’s so much to see

20150203-113921.jpgpoor Humpty looks like he’s about to fall! And lots of lovely quirkiness

20150203-114007.jpg(To see more of this wonderful quilt, click on Judy’s link above.)

Would you believe it? Judy and I have twin handbags!

20150203-114113.jpgWe had a fabulous day and hope to be able to repeat it…….before too long!

20150203-114501.jpgHappy Tuesday dear peeps!

Much love
Meredithe x

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6 Responses to At long last!

  1. How fabulous!! Every time I read about your super sewing days I want to jump on the next plane to Melbourne!!

  2. Cécile says:

    That’s funny for your twins bags !!
    Another lovely day with your friends ! That’s great !! Lovely embroidery and the Judy’s quilt is cute !
    Did I see a speampunk block in progress ?

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Yes……another dreamy post filled with inspiration to, maybe, last til your next one!!! You are so right!! That “Alice” quilt is a ‘grabber’ with all that it says!!! Purse luv!!!!!!!

  4. thimbleannan says:

    You’re Killing Me!!! I’m with Anne — I’m so jealous — and you’re SO lucky! That quilt is adorable. What a fun day — thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  5. audrey says:

    What a fabulous quilt! How quirky and fun is that?:)

  6. Helen F says:

    Gorgeous Alice quilt!!!!! Judy is soooo clever – she makes beautiful quilts!!!! – MORE FOOD PHOTOS!!!!!!!

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