Friday stitching

Miss Helen’s was the venue for Friday’s sewing. We enjoyed a simple, but tasty lunch,

20150126-123557.jpg(sorry for the blurry shot, I must have been hungry!) admired her new cushion of one of our favourite actresses,

20150126-123647.jpgand delighted in little Miss J’s whirligig (I’ve never seen one this flash before!).

20150126-123838.jpgHelen has a new quilt on her design wall

20150126-123909.jpgand little Miss J has been learning to machine piece with her Grannie!

20150126-123950.jpgand Loving It!

Helen is also quilting


20150126-124045.jpgand is slightly obsessed with her latest appliqué


20150126-124134.jpgtesting a bit of each one as she goes…..


20150126-124228.jpgMrs Mac is progressing well with her Lucy Boston inspired quilt

20150126-124400.jpgand has prepped all these blocks for blanket stitch appliqué




20150126-124530.jpgAnd me? I was plodding on with Steampunk. I seem to have lost my mojo on this, and I’m so close to finishing the blocks! What happened to all that enthusiasm and motivation??

Why do we I get obsessed with a project? What is it that drives us me to do so much…….then it languishes, not that I’m saying that will happen with Helen or Mrs Mac’s projects, they are much better finishers than I am, but it does intrigue me about human nature, or should I say, my human nature.

Do you get obsessed with a project/technique? Are you a good finisher? And if anyone has seen my Steampunk mojo, can you send it back to me…..pronto? Thanks!

Much love
Meredithe x

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13 Responses to Friday stitching

  1. Helen F says:

    Hey M – you are not the only one!!! Why do we get halfway thru a project and all of a sudden stop – like my star quilt that I couldn’t leave alone – the pinwheels slowed me down and now I am appliquéing!!!! (also found a few more UFO’s in the sewing room. Keep going with you steampunk – you are nearly there, think of me on your shoulder (that always works!!!) x

  2. Carole Minihan says:

    Love the applique projects, just lovely, I have been confined to home with that never ending back problem if I see your mojo I will send it back to you

  3. pam says:

    I’m horrible at finishing and it’s very frustrating. I wish I didn’t have to “feel” a certain way about what I’m working on in order to put an effort in on it.

  4. Linda Dutch says:

    I know I certainly am great at ‘starting’, not so great at ‘finishing’ too! However for the first time, I’ve filled out my FAL list, and it has been a great motivator so far… who knows how long that will last!
    Lovely pics of what your friends are doing! Linda

  5. Robyn R. says:

    I also can become a bit obsessed with a project until nearly finished, and then move on to something new! Glad I’m not the only one. I’m hoping my new blog will help keep me on task by having a “Finished 2015” page. So far one project done. I’ve been a blog ‘lurker’ for quite a while, am doing the ‘Blogging U 101’ course to give me a shove into participating instead. I love your yummy photos, and am enjoying watching the steam punk blocks grow, keep on stitching!

  6. Glendacust says:

    Whooo ! Fab work !
    Loove the appliqué miss Helen and gorgeous quilting, and I’ve always wanted to do Lucy Boston.
    Love your colours mrs mac!!!
    I’m in plod mood also miss m, think it’s the season, the weather , the ????!!!!!!!!
    It will return , look under the hydrangeas !!!xxxx

  7. I, too, am a great starter, but a poor finisher!! I am desperate to start my woolly bits, but want to be much further on with Mrs B and the Aunts first. I have even tracked down a Sue Spargo class on Craftsy amd have been learning all the stitches she uses!!
    As always Miss Helen and Mrs Mac make me feel lazy. Good to see the progress on the Lucy Boston, having seen its beginnings at Sewjourn.

  8. Pip says:

    I think we get so obsessed with a project that we overdose on it and then of course we lose the enthusiasm for it. Both applique projects are really lovely, which reminds me of an applique project that I was quite enthusiastic about last year, I think it is stuffed in a box somewhere.

  9. Cécile says:

    Lots of delicate and gorgeous appliqués in this post ! Congrats ladies !
    Am I obsessed with a project ? Obsess is not the word for me, but maybe temptation ?
    But temptation is not so far from obsession for many projects…oh my…..

  10. Sue Whitburn says:

    Saw Your mojo!- it was on the beach having a paddle this weekend when we were down at Phillip island!!!- just having a little holiday over the long wknd but promised me it will be back with renewed enthusiasm soon!!!! Hehe ☺️

  11. bermudagirl says:

    Lovely Appliqué projects, yeah my motivation seems to disappear when I am in the middle not the end, it’s awful when it disappears!! Poor you, but it will return don’t worry!

  12. thimbleanna says:

    Such beautiful work, as always! Plug on with the Steampunk — it’s such a fun quilt to work on and you’ll love it when you’re done. I loved figuring out where to place each steampunk block. You’re making me want to make another one!!!

  13. eileenkny says:

    I get obsessed and go full steam on something and then, if I stop for just a day, the mojo is gone; I’m left with another UFO. If I find yours, I send it along; and I ask the same of you.

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