Handy ruler

While I was making my pieced blocks for The Aunts’ Quilt, I found this ruler to be very helpful!

20150112-132031.jpgIt’s a 6.5″ x 2.5″ from Victorian Textiles (order one through your LQS Code: VR6525) and very practical for marking the diagonal lines and then cutting them once stitched on the flying geese. I can see it being used for trimming lots of blocks. It’s a keeper!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Handy ruler

  1. Suz says:

    One can never have too many rulers! I was sewing yesterday and went from my 6.5″ square one to a 3.5″ X 9.5″ one to trim some blocks! They certainly make the job easier!

  2. treadlemusic says:

    That’s smaller than the 2 faves I have (6″x12 and 6″x14″). I will definitely have to check this one out!!!!! Thanks so much for this info!!!!!

  3. Susan creer says:

    How nice to be able to actually use one of those numerous rulers/notions we collect. Believe I don’t have this one so will have to explore further.

  4. That sounds like a super useful size ruler. I do love those green/yellow rulers, I can see thru them more clearly than the regular ones.

  5. Cécile says:

    Oh my…..I don’t know why but we always need one more ruler….one more cutter….one more fabric….making patchwork is so cruel !! LOLOLOL !!

  6. I have a similar sized one, which is good for trimming blocks – I also use my 6″ square ruler a lot for cutting small pieces I have two of the fabrics in your photo, now I want the blue spotty one as well. Looking forward to tomorrow’s reports!!

  7. thimbleanna says:

    I’ve been using a square one — I think I need one of those instead!!!

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