December Auntlets Report

Dear Anna,

How did it get to be the 15th of the month so soon??…….again???

With the realisation that the 15th was looming, yesterday I applied myself to some Aunts’ homework and have cut, ready for piecing, five sets of flying geese blocks.

20141215-085938.jpgI also worked out that these blocks will use 48 fabrics and if I cut two scallops from each that will give me 96, just over the required 92. So, scallop template made and two cut from each fabric used so far.

20141215-090112.jpg(There’s a decided aqua theme happening here, don’t you think?)

Beg pardon?? I didn’t quite hear you?? Was that an “a” starting word?? Oh, yes…….appliqué. Hmmm, need some brain space for that, and that ain’t gunna happen before January!

With love,
Your Delinquent Auntlet

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6 Responses to December Auntlets Report

  1. Glendacust says:

    Looks divine miss m !!!
    I’m really enjoying the quilt to , I’m still doing 1st appliqué block , but prepped 6 flying geese ready to machine, just need to pluck up the courage !!!!! Much more confidence to hand piece, but I’m up for the challenge !!!

  2. Cécile says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!

  3. Oh – I forgot all about cutting scallops along the way. Must catch up on that!
    From you fellow Delinquent Auntlet, Anne xo

  4. The quilt has been on my mind all month knowing full well I won’t get to it till after Christmas Here’s hoping I’ll catch up Looking forward to Boxing Day !!! Xxxxx

  5. thimbleanna says:

    Hahaha — I think we’re having a whole party of delinquent Aunts this month. It’s Ok — I KNOW we’ll all be caught up by next month. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabrics!!! I’ll be posting soon. Really. I’m sure of it. As soon as “they” get my blog fixed!!!

  6. rachaeldaisy says:

    Gorgeous fabrics!! December is a busy month so I think you’re doing well even choosing the fabrics.

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