Class show and tell


This was our last week of class for 2014 – very hard to believe!

Lois brought in her 1930’s quilt……I don’t know what happened but as I loaded the photos, the three I took of the front slowly disappeared from the screen!! So annoying! I do have one of the back, however.

20141212-135056.jpg(Sorry Lois!)

Adrienne is progressing with her elongated pyramids

20141212-135154.jpgDeirdre trimmed her strips, laid them out “in a pleasing manner”, then stacked them up ready to sew.

20141212-135303.jpgAnn Marie continued with her embroidery

20141212-135410.jpgand Sandra was working on a Christmas themed project too

20141212-135537.jpgWe finished the morning with delicious food and Christmas chatter




Sue 1 has another of her blocks made

20141212-135844.jpgCarylin has more blocks stitched together

20141212-135937.jpgLorraine is starting a new hexagon project

20141212-140021.jpgSue 2 has a woolly bits block finished – love the beads!

20141212-140102.jpgJosephine has made all her hexagon pieces

20141212-140218.jpgso we cut the background to size and starting pinning them into place ready to appliqué

20141212-140306.jpgWe had some exciting finishes in this class…….

Nanette stitched the final seams on her quilt top

20141212-140433.jpgmade up the backing and left it with Karen for quilting.

And Karen had some quilted quilts for the girls; this is Marilyn’s elegant quilt

20141212-140652.jpgThe plain area for quilting works so well with this great feather pattern

20141212-140744.jpgand Karen was particularly chuffed with how the backing came together – can you see the seam??

20141212-140829.jpgThen we had Josephine’s Mrs Billings


20141212-140933.jpgand Sue 1’s Mrs Billings too


20141212-141034.jpgWe kept the quilted quilts out so we could all have a good look at them (until some customers wanted to look at some fabrics!!)

20141212-141126.jpgAren’t they all wonderful!

Again we finished the morning with fabulous food


I’m so proud of all that my students have achieved this year. I think they’ve done marvellously, and we’re all looking forward to more fun in classes in 2015 (now that just sounds wrong!!).

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. rachaeldaisy says:

    It’s always wonderful to see all the beautiful work your class does!!

  2. Eileen McNeilly says:

    Mouth watering irresistible. So wish I could be part of this inspiring team.

  3. mandymunroe says:

    WOW! – Amazing, well done you clever ladies 🙂

  4. Cécile says:

    Oh YES Meredithe, you must be so proud of your students, but I am sure their work is so amazing because they are so proud to have a teacher like you !!
    Please, congratulate all of them and …… I don’t forget to congratulate you !!
    Hugs from France !! 😉

  5. treadlemusic says:

    Yes….2015 sounds just “wrong”!!!! Sigh……..amazing work!!!! the Ms Billings are so breath-taking! But all are totally inspiring and the gorgeous “noshes”…..well, they are always a feast for both the eyes and the tummies!!!!!

  6. Karen P says:

    Thanks for the beautiful stitching project photos. The food tables are displayed just as beautifully too. Have you ever thought of a cookbook or maybe some recipes so we can create them too?

  7. Beautiful Mrs Bs!! Lots of lovely work from everybody – I especially like the woolly bits. As for the food – one word – YUM!!!!

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