Eliott Stitchers

Thank you all so much for your lovely responses to my latest Giveaway! I did make two blunders – yes, it should read that the giveaway closes on 2nd December, and the final block should read “Alice’s Cross”……oops! I can only say I was posting very quickly in order to get to Eliott Stitchers on time!! (No excuse really – apologies!)

Only three of us this week at Eliott Stitchers, but we still managed to have a great time! Beautiful roast tomato soup this week

20141126-170357.jpgHeather was appliquéing with new threads

20141126-170441.jpgGJ had some new threads too

20141126-170513.jpgDon’t the colours look scrumptious?! They’re Au Chinois from l’uccello.

GJ finished a wash cloth

20141126-171019.jpgand I was working on another Steampunk block

20141126-171059.jpgand we watched this version of Persausion, where, funnily enough, the leading lady is Anne Elliot!

Meredithe x

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11 Responses to Eliott Stitchers

  1. Eileen McNeilly says:

    Think my envy of your outings and activities is becoming ridiculous! But I can’t stop thinking “if only”
    Love reading and viewing. SERIOUSLY

  2. Cécile says:

    Another funny day with your quilters friends !!
    And your work is so great ladies !!

  3. Ooooooh – I love those threads! The food as always looks delicious – and beautifully presented!

  4. Suz says:

    Heather’s applique is gorgeous! And what a pleasure it would be stitch with that array of thread! And you are making great progress with your Steam Punk!

  5. Mary says:

    Becky Goldsmith at Piece O Cake has a free pattern for a pincushion which fits exactly inside your round thread bobbin holder. I made one so I can say it’s easy. The hardest part was doing the buttonhole stitches as I don’t do embroider very well. Check it out.

  6. treadlemusic says:

    Another “yummy” share!!!! Those threads are “to die for” gorgeous!!!!!!

  7. Suzanne says:

    Of course the food always looks yummy! I love the masterpiece threads in the donut. A must have for appliquérs. I have never seen the other threads you posted. Looks very nice. I will have to see where these are sold here. As you all warm up down there we are getting buried in snow here in NY. Up to a foot expected today.
    Happy stitching

  8. Callista Garman says:

    The food looks fantastic as always as does the stitching. Love the threads keep sewing and enjoy the warm weather

  9. Judi says:

    Heather’s applique is just beautiful is it her own design?

  10. Cocopatch says:

    i love “au chinois” thread!

  11. thimbleanna says:

    Ok, Heather wins the prize this week. What are you other two doing??? You’re supposed to be Aunt-ing. Naughty Naughty LOL!!!!

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