Steampunk update

I’ve been hanging out to show you these!

20141121-120145.jpgStill tootling along with them

20141121-120236.jpgThis brings the count to 21 finished, with three awaiting centres and three cut ready to stitch. (I need 41 in all.) Just about to start on another cutting frenzy!

And for those of you who enquired, the cutting sizes for The Aunts’ Quilt flying geese are

:: goose fabric (big triangle) is a square cut at 4 3/4 inches
:: sky fabric (small triangles) is four squares cut at 2 5/8 inches

For those mathematically minded and wanting to work out your own sized geese, the methodology is

:: add 1 1/4 inches to the finished width of the flying geese unit required – this is the goose fabric – and cut one square this size
:: add 7/8 inch to the finished height of the flying geese unit required – this is the sky (or background) fabric – and cut four this size.

I always do a test unit before going crazy with the cutting, just to make sure I’ve done the additions correctly!!

For my little tutorial with GJ and Heather, I was going to draw up some instructions, but trawling the net, I found this brilliant site by Patti R Anderson already done, so I’m doing as she asks and telling my friends where I found the instructions! Perfect!

Have fun with your flying geese, my lovelies!

Meredithe x

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12 Responses to Steampunk update

  1. Hilda says:

    Stunning blocks Meredithe – you have a great talent for selecting fabric combinations! Sounds like it will be a large quilt with 41 of these blocks.
    Thanks for the link:)

  2. Cardygirl says:

    Love these blocks!

  3. Suz says:

    Your Steam punk blocks are coming along very nicely! I’m curious to know how you are going to ‘set’ them when you have 41?

  4. barbvedder says:

    oooh, your steam punk blocks are wonderful – great mix of fabrics

  5. Loving those steam punk blocks!!!

  6. audrey says:

    I am enjoying your steampunk blocks so much! Love the great blend of fabrics.:)

  7. Sandra Lee says:

    They are beautiful Meredithe, your choice of fabric is amazing..

  8. broderie says:

    Love the steam punks !

  9. Helen F says:

    Its going to look amazing M with all your retro and weird fabrics you use!!!!

  10. Cécile says:

    Your blocks are so amazing with a great choice of fabrics !! Bravo Meredithe ! You’re so talented !!
    And a big “thank you” for the measures for the flying geese blocks and the link !!

  11. thimbleanna says:

    LOVE those blocks Meredithe — that’s going to be a beauty of a quilt! And thanks for the measurements — I’ll be using your method for month three — I’d already cut out month two blocks before your tutorial!

  12. Marian says:

    WOW I’m loving your steampunk blocks, M!! your fabric selection is wild.. LOVE it!!

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