Class show and tell

I’ve been asked to teach a second class at Somerset, so now you’ll be getting a double dose of show and tell!

Wednesday Class

Carole has hand pieced and hand quilted a Star a Day and I was able to show her how to put the binding on

20141030-153916.jpgand Anne-Maree (there are two Anne-Maree’s though the second has a slightly different spelling – don’t get confused now!!) has some beautiful fabrics from Rotterdam and has made a quilt top

20141030-154112.jpgTogether we worked on a pieced back – more to be revealed soon!

The other Anne-Marie is working on a Christmas project and we explored the beginnings of button-hole appliqué

20141030-154320.jpgSandra is working on some sweet hexagons

20141030-154350.jpgThere’s another Mrs B in the making; this one is Adrienne’s

20141030-154446.jpgPearl was also binding a quilt, this one a Japanese style

20141030-154546.jpgand Lois was too quick for me and had all her project packed up……so here’s a snap of her pretty project box

Thursday Class

Sue 1 has been working hard and hand pieced this block

20141030-154928.jpgand all of these too!

20141030-154954.jpgCarilyn has a pile of blocks

20141030-155055.jpghere’s a few to see

20141030-155132.jpgYes! Another Star a Day. And Kim, who’s minding the shop at the moment, is working on one too, and brought in her show and tell for us. Her pile looks like this

20141030-155242.jpgand she’s done some fabulous fussy cutting

20141030-155315.jpgSue 2 has more blocks stitched too

20141030-155355.jpgJosephine is working on the final border of her quilt

20141030-155427.jpgand Chris, who treated us to some yummy chocolates

20141030-155504.jpg(Warning:: do not think you’ll be able to stop at one!!), chose some fabrics for a new quilt……with a little help. (Lisa and I pushed Chris waaaaaay out of her comfort zone!!)

20141030-155800.jpgIt’s going to be goood!!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Some of us at Eastwood Quilters did a star a day, so it’s lovely to see some different versions. Mine is put together, (and put away!) while I decide how to finish it and how to quilt it.


  2. Another Mrs B. !!!!! I love all those star blocks. My three are in a project case !!!!

  3. rachaeldaisy says:

    Such a great variety of wonderful projects!!

  4. Glendacust says:

    Colourful and gorgeous !!!!

  5. Cécile says:

    Wow !! I love all the stars !! And the fabrics are so gorgeous……..Wow !
    And Adrienne is so brave to make a Mrs B… Good luck because for me, I think it’s a very difficult quilt ! Another Wonderwoman in your Wonder class M !! 🙂

  6. Kelly says:

    What wonderful work the ladies have undertaken. Gorgeous photos Meredithe. I am still making the stars for AStar a Day two years on!! I am in awe of those who are finished.

  7. barbvedder says:

    such lovely EPP
    thanks for such a colorful and inspiring post!

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